Bernese Mountain Training

Bernese Mountain Dog1

Bernese Mountain Training (also called Bernese Sennenhund , Bouvier Bernois or Bernese Cattle Dog) it is very easy. We are facing a calm, docile and kind dog, what it allow us a simple and complete training without major difficulties. Anyway, it is an animal that has been bred since its origins to obey commands of its owner.

To Bernese Mountain Training is good to have in mind its origins, The breed appeared probably in Switzerland, with the intention of having better shepherd dogs. It was in charge of the herds of big animals and even  it was useful as a sled dog to pull the cart with the dairy milk.

For all this it should be a very obedient animal that is always willing to follow its owners commands, so to breed a Bernese Mountain there were selected the most docile dogs besides of the ones that had the constitution and the strength necessary for the job. Thats how we have this breed now in is very domestic, happy with its owners praises and it desires to make you happy. It is not aggressive neither a good watchdog, but it does not like strangers so you have to socialise it well since it is a pup.

To train it correctly you must follow the general rules of any dog training. We start with exercise, that for this breed is very necessary because of its great energy; a balance meal according with its size and weight; and also routine, that will help it be more stable emotionally knowing how is gonna be its day. the training sessions must be short about 10 minutes everyday. You have to use concrete words and expressions to train it what you want it to do and when it obeys your command you must reward it  either with treats for dogs or simply with praises and petting it

Bernese Mountain Training is a simple job, but necessary, such as the training of any dog.  Let our pet be neat, docile and obedient it  will help with your home’s well being and for that it is a very good train it not to pull the leash, to respond to its name, come when it is called and do its things in the right place.


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