Bichon Bolognese Training

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The Bichon Bolognese has its origins in Italy , Bologna, more or less in the eleventh and twelfth centuries between its ancestors we find the Bichon Maltese, with who keeps a certain resemblance, but on the contrary of it, it was mainly a hunter of little vermins, this dog was bred with the only  intention of being spoiled and appreciated as a companion dog.

Thanks to a calm behavior and a soft coat, as if it were of cotton, the princess and noble lady of the fourteenth, fifteenth and sixteenth centuries they adore it and fulfilled  with all kind of attentions. It was one of the most appreciated gift, up to a  point that you could be said that the Bichon Bolognese is like a dog prince.

It is without a doubt it is an excellent companion. The Bichon Bolognese  is intelligent, not especially dirty, calm, sober and certainly capricious, although it is not especially active as most of the small dogs; it is good with children and older people that can’t do a lot of exercise. it is also a guardian of its home; it does not like intruders and it will try to chase it out, as it is not an animal that barks because it can be trained as an alert dog.

The Bichon Bolognese is perfect for a home with children because it usually very understanding and tolerant, but do not abuse: we must train our kids that dogs are not toys. The are sweet and lovely. Now, it is very sleepyhead; it spends all its time sleeping, if it can, near its owner.

It might not need a lot of exercise, but the Bichon Bolognese must have its daily walk as like any other dog and  although a apartment is enough for it, it prefers spending time outdoors. We also must pay attention to its fur that needs special cares and when you get it close to other dogs you must be very careful, they are not friendly with other dogs, so be careful!

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