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The bloodhound is one of the rarest  hunting dogs that exist. When you think in a hunting dog you think in a fast, energetic, stubborn and sometimes even untameable animal,  isn’t it true? A creature full of energy out of control that  tirelessly chases its prey until they get them, never giving up. Well, this is a dog, against all odds, is not like this.

The bloodhound without a doubt a great hunter, with an exceptional smell and stubbornness features of a hunter. However, its level of energy is very low. We are facing a breed not very active with a low reactivity to external stimulates, and that apparently, only encourages it to do something due to a smell that calls its attention and makes it chase it. It doesn’t matter how appetising a wobbling small animal in front of it, probably it will not chase it as would other hunters.

This dog is gentle, kind and very, but very lazy. The bloodhound prefers to be calmly laid down on the carpet instead of chasing rabbits or foxes. It is very tolerant with children, but they soon get tired of them.. because it is too lazy and it doesn’t play much neither when it is a pup. Thats for sure,when it prepares to hunt their is no one who can stop it: it is conscientious, stubborn and tireless, it won’t stop an instant until it gets its prey.

However, it is not easy  to train. Although it is a docile and kind dog and it enjoys humans company, and although it is loyal and faithful to its owner, the truth that it is also stubborn and confident and it doesn’t  react very well when someone else decides for it. i doesn’t mean that its dominant; in fact, it is absolutely not. Simply it trust more in its own opinion than its owner, so to train it we must show it that our decisions are correct more than its. Nothing happens, with praises, patience and firmness it is an aim reachable.

Thus, the bloodhound is a little barking dog, a bit destructive,  a little energetic and a bit demanding. In fact, its a bit of everything, except sometimes its stubborn.  It is an ideal dog for people who do not have much time to spend on a pet, but thats for sure: you must take some time each day to fill it with love, care, and some training.

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  1. If you do get a blood hound, or any dog that enjoys hunting, what do you do to make it dislike hunting? I personally love hounds and would love to have one some day- but I would positively DIE if a poor little bunny rabbit was being demolished by my dog. I am a devoted pet owner and am willing to devote time, but I often have issues with punishment, due to the fact I cannot explain to them why they are being punished. Any suggestions?

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