The Basis of Dog Training

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If we desire our furry companions and ourselves live in harmony, we must have the knowledge and understanding about Dog Training . Dogs do not the same knowledge that we have, they do not think and act the same way, for that first of all we must learn how they work to be able to train them with our human techniques.

One of the basis for Dog Training is this:dogs live in herds considering that they need to feel part of a whole, a family, they don’t care if they are few or a lot, they only need somebody near to them. For them you are their leader (the alpha) a member of its family and you are who must show it how it should get along in the environment, how it must act. It must be a leader, think and act like one, you must show your firmness and confidence in yourself, and although it puts the most tender or pitiful expression we can not allow us get soften , when something is wrong you must stay firm in your position, a ”no” must stay in that decision,  you must not give up even if  that day it had a good behavior in exception of that action that you are aware of it.

They are animals with a great potential considering that its instinctive and natural form of being, they are born hunters and although now  they do not practice hunting, they really have it inside them all that accumulated energy that must be used doing exercise, being another basis necessary for dog training,  make it do exercise, wear it out, it is very important to do it, if you don’t they could become anxious, devastating and even they could become aggressive.

There is nothing to worry, it is very simple to prevent this following some simple steps: Go out often on walks, play with them or even do some tasks that they could do or practise, also take some weight, for example a small backpack with some things inside  (like water) if you go on an excursion out on the fields or mountains, i assure it will feel useful and it will wear out its energy. The care given, love and affection expressed also the good food, are a solid basis for any training, but unfortunately in some of these trainings is where they make more mistakes since the animal is used to  have all kind of attentions, treats, petting, human food…  implying the origins of bad behaviors that humans do not understand.

Some of these poor animals have been abandoned due to these kind of actions, simply because their owners do not understand that their food must be balance and proper for him, everything in their dose. Also the care is a big praise for a good action.The dog training is not complicated to get, the only thing you need is a confident and firm basis that it must obey. A balanced food, good discipline, exercise and affection; are some things that will make it and yourself be happy together.


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