Andalusian Wine Cellar Training


The Andalusian Wine Cellar it is also called  Rat Terrier or  just  Hunt Terrier,  it is a small animal. The female weighs between five and six kilograms; and the males, are bigger, between seven and eight kilograms, but don’t fool yourself due to its size! Even though its appearance it is a tenacious, brave and strong animal , and that tenacity is what makes training hard. So, How do you do Andalusian Wine Cellars Training??

Well, its important to know the ancestors of this breed came with the English wine sellers that stabilise in Cadiz and brought with them their dogs, which by many crosses over time it gave a place for this breed, highly gifted to hunt rat or other small animals. It was necessary this ability because it was plentiful of these creatures  in the Andalusians wine cellars and silos.  And it hence the name of the breed: Andalusian Wine Cellar.

Although none of the international organism recognise the breed as such is an animal that exists and it is the most bravest one. Despite of its small size it will chase its prey with great tenacity courage. its strength is unmatched nor its stubbornness. To train it you have to have in mind all these things because it  is possible you might have some problems at the moment you train it, but nothing happens! with patience and discipline we can get it perfectly trained.

The Andalusian Wine Cellar Training needs a good dose of exercise. Despite its size it is very resistente and intelligent, so the ideal is to go out for long walks and a lot of games to wear out every day. A nervous dog is an anxious dog and the anxiety is translated into nervousness, hysteria, destruction and domination; all negative characteristic in the training of a pup.This exercise is essential for energetic breeds like this one and of course, also the discipline, firmness and be the most consequent with our acts.

Andalusian Wine Cellar Training is not easy but neither is a job so complicate as you can think. You must be sure every step you take and use praises (treats, petting or lovely words) so it knows what is right or wrong. A dog is like a child, but you have to train it in a concrete way: in doggy way.

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