Bichon Havanese Training

bichon habanero

It is said that the breed Bichon Havanese it is origins is found in the mediterranean sea, to be more exact in the occidental region. Among its ancestors they includes poodles and later on  those that were called English White Terrier, a very old breed that is extinct. In the eighteenth centuries some Spanish soldiers took some specimens to Cuba as a gift for very rich families; that is way it ended up called as Bichon Havanese from the Havana and  it is the Cuba’s official dog.

The Bichon Havanese has a very soft, wavy and long fur, to the delight for any touch… as long as you take care as it should. thanks to its  calm and cozy personality it turns into a delight of companion , although, of course you must train it correctly! however pretty it is the ideal is to train it.

It is without a doubt an excellent companion. The Bichon Havanese is intelligente, it is not dirty, but its calm, composed and it is true it is very capricious, although not  particularly active, what happens with most small dogs; its homely, loving, suitable for for  large family, and it also  good with other pets. it is not dominant neither possessive this adorable and  small animal is perfect for homes with children because they are usually very tolerant and comprehensive, but you must abuse we must teach our children that our dogs are not toys; they are sweet and affectionate.

Now, it is very sleepy: it spends all its time sleeping, if it can, near its owner. it might not need a lot of exercise, but the Bichon Havaneses must have its daily walk as any other dog and although a apartment is enough for him, it prefers spending its time outdoors. Also we must pay attention to its fur, we must brush it at least three times per week and its health: it has a propensity to otitis and optical problems, so be aware!

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