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As you should know, this is a very small dog and its size is the most attractive for many people; with its weight of just three kilograms, the  tiny animal is full of vitality. it is capricious and very curious and although many people says the opposite, it is very intelligent. However, it is also true that it can be disobedient and very wild, so  if you are thinking in having a specimen of this breed i recommend you to know Chihuahua Training before your home becomes into a tornado.

How do you  Chihuahua Training? Before i tell you, you have to inform yourself about the breed, know how is it and why, to know how to control its temperament, which is something! It is true, however, the origin of this dog is uncertain; some consider that they come from Egypt and others that they are domesticated by mexicans 1500 years ago. The truth? The ethologists continuo investigating. Sure, this doesn’t helps much… But it helps to understand their nature.

The Chihuahua is a capricious dog, that is the center of its personality. it like to be spoiled and get everything and that precisely what you can not do. The only way to train a dog is to get it to earn its rewards, earning everything that it wants… because otherwise it will be the king, and if you want to treat it as a king, but what happens when it starts biting you visitors heels and urinate everywhere?

The chihuahua, besides of being capricious, it is a very restless, curious and vital animal. these are things you have to have in mind to train it. Also they are very dominant and this will obligate you to be very strict in the Chihuahua training. It doesn’t matters how it gambol and looks at you, best for everyone is to be firm, consequent and confident of yourself and never let it get  away with it.

Chihuahua Training, this is based on the  self-confidence , the consistency of your acts and in the  nonaggression. It doesn’t worth yelling neither hitting your dog because it can turn against you have to train it rules that never, under any circumstances, can be broken. That is all, be firme, be consequent, don’t give in and you will be able to train your chihuahua.

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