Collie Training



Collie Training is very easy. We are facing a docile, kind and calm dog,  what will allow us a simple and complete training without major difficulties. In the end, it is an animal which has been bred from its origins to obey commands of its owner.

 To Collie Training it is good have in mind its origin. The breed appeared in Scotland with the intention of having the best shepherd dogs. It was in charge of the flock in the high mountains, the flocks could get up to 500 sheeps and it just take a unique dog to guide them all.

Because of this it must be a very obedient animal that would be always willing to follow commands from its owner, so to breed a Collie they choose the most dociles dogs, besides from the ones that have the  necessary constitution and strength for the job. Thus, we have this breed nowadays: it is very homely, happy to its owners praises and wanting to please him. It is not aggressive, but it can be untrusting if it doesn’t like a  stranger from the beginning.

To train it correctly we must follow the general rules of any canine training. We start with the exercise that for this breed it very necessary cause its great energy; a balanced food according to its size and weight; and also a routine that will help it to be more emotionally stabilised knowing how its day gonna be. The training sessions must be short about 10 minutes per day. You have to use specific words and expressions to train it what we want it to do and  when it obeys your commands to have reward it either with treats for dogs or simply with praises and pettings.

Collie Training is a simple job, but necessary, as it is any dog training. Let your pet be neat, docile and obedient it will help your home well-being and therefore it is good to train it not to pull the leash, to answer to its name, to come when it is called and to do it thing in the indicated place.

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