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canine food


Canine Food: what need to know about how to feed your puppy

The feed of a dog is very important, I guess you know that, but do you make  yourself an idea about how vital is the correct feed for your puppy?

Choose the wrong feed and you can produce dozen of problems as decompensation,vomits, anemia… Choose the correct feed and all these problems will not exists, but your puppy will have the energy that it needs to be, good, what it is: a small ball of fur willing to play and explore.

And not only that. In fact, its not only about the thought of choosing , it is also about it has to eat more often than an adult dog, and in less amounts. Did you know that?

But you now know, a good feed for your puppy will save you from a great number of problems in the future: its health solidifies and grows as a happy, calm and healthy dog. You would be surprised of the impact that food has upon the temperament of its dog.

It has been shown that puppies need more amount of proteins and nutrients than an adult dog. I would not expect any less! They are always moving, smelling, exploring their environment and naturally it needs a major source of energy. don’t you think?

So that you have to provide it , and for that, choose the thought that is more suitable to its needs. But besides that there are other things you have to in mind. Don’t be afraid now I will give more details now:

–     If your puppy is still too small it is a good idea to wet its food so its easier to digest. Many times puppies don’t have the patience to chew their food.

–   Dogs must eat 4 times a day in small proportions spacing them through the hours until they have 3 months old. From here to 6 months old it must be reduced to 3 times a day until they have 1 year old it will be 2 times and then just one meal a day.

– It would be ideal it started to understand the dynamic of its food so in this way put its bowl every day at the same hours and more than 30 minutes every time then remove it. That is how it will see when is time to eat.

This is what you need to know. Choose the feed  and grant it in a correct way for the age of your puppy. Assure to feed it correctly from this exact instant and that is how you can have a healthy and very prepared to learning dog.

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