All you need to know about Shar Pei

The breed Shar Pei, is also known as “Chinese Shar-Pei”, its origin from China and it goes back at least II century before Christ. Among its ancestors there is a great Tibetan Mastiff and also the Chow Chow,for example, with who shares the same blue tongue.

During centuries the Shar Pei was used as Shepherd, wild boar hunter and guardian by the chinese farmers. Although they were loyal and useful through all those years, by 1950 there were only a few specimen in China because of its use as food. it was almost an extinction.

Luckily there in  the 60s a small group of chinese took the first steps to restore the breed. One of the measures was to take some specimens abroad to avoid risks of  beings used as food, and thats how the Shar Pei got saved from extermination.

It is a dog that actually is very calm and harmony and tending to play as like a cat. When its a puppy it might be very naughty and do real damage on furniture, so you have to be very careful with that.Luckily when it reaches adulthood it becomes very calm, even sedentary, so it is advisable to force it to take two or three walks per day. It is a bit hard to train it because of its stubbornness, but with the reward system you can make it bend easily so it learns how to behave as we want. it is also an excelent guardian and a bit distrusting with strangers.

The Shar Pei, in generally, a  very friendly dog if its socialised and treated correctly, although is not a great friend with the abuses. Do not pull their whiskers or touches their ears inside, it doesn’t like it.


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Mark Mendoza