Training correctly a Borzoi

The Borzoi origins is found in Russia, therefore it is also called “ Russian Greyhound” among other names as “Russian Hound” or “Russian Wolfhound”. In fact in the ancient Russia, the tsars and the nobles, they used and bred them reaching to get up to 150 specimens of this breed. It is known by its resemblance to the greyhound, except by its long and glossy fur, and it has an elegance hard to equalize. What do need to know about Borzoi Training?

To start, it is a hunting animal and as such it has all its senses very developed (curiosly, the principal sense of a Borzoi is  not the sense of smell, like it happens with most of the hunters, if not it is the sense of sight, with the one it can sight its prey from a great distance), besides its strength, agility and  great speed. Due to all that it got a lot of energy so before you do Borzoi Training you must wear it out.

However, it has a very calm personality. This dog is not exceptionally active neither dominant, what this dog really is a loyal companion and easy to train. It is not a very difficult job to achieve training a Borzoi to be an ideal pet for any home, but you have to be sure to wear its energy out so it won’t suffer anxiety.

This dog needs a firm hand, as everyone, a leader to follow. It does not respond to abuses, to yelling neither to threats, if not  it will respond to the best of the positive trainings: give him a lot of exercise and good food, a lot of company and then establish basic rules that it can learn to stick with. It is not hard, just reward the good behavior and redirect the bad ones. Actually, the rewards are the best way to train a dog.

However, the caress of this breed is not cheap. Its fur needs of special care. Besides it has a great instinct of persecution, so you have to train very well your Borzoi to avoid it to escape after any cat. However, if you know how to train it properly, the task is not hard, you will have the best dog in your home, nevertheless a big animal that does not need big spaces although it needs exercise.

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Mark Mendoza