Searching the good behavior, How to Train a Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Training  can get to be complicated; with its origins in the cross of a English Bulldog and Terrier, this dog has its origins as like fighting dog, but its limited success in this field  converted it into the most precious companion animal.. Among the terriers is one of the most loving with its owners, but it got a nasty energy that if it doesn’t learns to control it, our good friend  can convert into a tornado of problems!

This dog is by nature an animal of great energy. Having one is truly like having a earthquake at home so excitable, unstoppable and always in frenetic movement. It is an animal that never stops. It can live in a small flat equally in a barn with big fields, but without doubt open spaces are its ideal habitat. It is a happy and playful dog, but we must know that we need to train our Boston Terrier if we want to avoid big problems as aggression or the furniture bitten.

There are people that believe dogs of small size do not need training. Huge mistake! You do not want your Boston Terrier do their things inside of the house, bark as crazy, bite every corner of your furniture, ignore you when you call or escape through the street. Right? You must train it  and the best advice I can give you is to reward it for its good behavior and ignore it  for the bad ones, or , at least, redirect its attention. Why is  it chewing  the couch leg? Well tell it “ No!”  give it a toy and when it bites it reward the dog. There is no better way to train a dog! Never try to hit it  due to its bad behavior because we  are facing a dog that has no problem to come back and bite.

Of course,  you can find difficulties to Boston Terrier Training. This little tornado is hard to handle, but if you train it properly, reward it when it has good behavior, you will have the most loyal and adorable dog of all.

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