Teaching and Training Siberian Huskies

This is a breed very known due to the different movies in which it has appeared as , for example,  sled dogs; they are known specially because they pull sleds in locations with snow. But, of course,  they don’t do it because they do; you must Siberian Huskies Training to achieve these jobs and in fact, to have good habits at home and outside, do you want your dog have an impeccable behavior? So without a  doubt you have to train it.

Siberian Huskies Training implies knowing the breed, how is it and how it works. We are facing dogs very similar to a wolf and not only physically, but also in its behavior: energetic, active, with a great sense of family and an outrageous devotion for its herd. The Husky is affectionate, loving and very friendly so we have to train it very firmly to control any bad habit.

The Siberian Husky needs a lot of exercise and that without a doubt: it is a very energetic and active dog breed to pull sleds and hunt without rest. It is one of the most important basis to train an exemplary of this breed because a dog with too many energy can be hyperactive, dominant, destructive, or what is worse , aggressive. To avoid any bad habit of your Husky you have to start by helping it wear out that energy that it has. How? Long walks, a lot of daily activities, games… the possibilities are infinite!

When your Husky wear out a good part of its energy and its not showing itself nervous, or not so active, it’s time to train it. Do you allow it on the sofa? Do you mind if it begs when you are eating? Does it bothers you when it pulls the leash during a walk? It is time to implement basic rules that may help get along easier. Asure at every moment to make it obey them: if ti tries to avoid them do not give in, he is who must give in. Reward it when it acts properly, and be firm when it doesn’t, so in that way you obligate it to obey.

Siberian Huskies Training is no different from training any kind of dog breed, but you have to understand due to its disobedient character it might be a bit hard. However, the basis is the same, and therefore, as the method is attainable: be firm, consequent and confident; give it a balance meal, exercise and discipline and very soon your Husky will be the most docile and obedient.


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Marcos Mendoza