7 Most Believed Myths About Dogs and Dog Training Dispelled

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1.Dogs do not feel – One of the myths which is very far from the truth. In fact it has been stated many a times that the pain response in humans and dogs is neurologically the same. Though it has difficult to determine the existence of the extent of feelings like love and guilt, they certainly are not emotionless.

2.Training an older dog is impossible – Of course older dogs undergo behavioral and physiological and neurological changes as they grow older but don’t we? You cannot feed your older dog the same way as they were fed when young. Those who ignore owner’s commands may even do so because of hearing loss. But it possible to train them through hand signals. 

So the methodology of training must be different but it definitely not fair to say they cannot be trained.

3.Whole family should be training masters for the dog – Training the dog is a family job but the person teaching and training the dog with commands should be only one. The others in the family should reinforce the training with the same commands expecting the same behavior output.

4.Punish the guilty dog – Punishment is never the answer. Firstly, it is simply not humane and secondly, it is useless because dogs cannot associate the bad behavior with the punishment as a consequence. Yelling and turning away from your dog only bewilders it.

5.Training can strip the dog of their spirit – Training just gives a direction to the dogs energy. It is an opportunity for them to spend time with their owners. Most training is also a fun session for them. Channeling their time from bad behavior can hardly strip them of their spirit.

6.Dogs do not like being trained – Dogs are pack animals. It is in their instinct to look up to someone for instructions. When no one leads them they only tend to get aggressive and cause trouble. Training establishes the pack feeling with the owner/trainer being alpha and they also get to have treats and activity.

7.Household dogs do not need training – A dog existing in a leaderless realm is not a happy dog. A dog needs to be balanced, trained of allowed activities and leadership over the dog must be established. Dog energy which is not channelized can only lead to chaos. Dog ownership is a responsibility to a dog and to the society. It is upto the owner to train the dog to keep him and the society safe from harm. Whatever be the breed or age of dog training is mandatory. Would I not say training itself is mandatory when I feel it is not enough to just train your dog but consistently practice your training?


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