Collie Training – There Are Unique Challenges in Training a Collie Dog


Many people dream of owning a collie. There is no doubt that this dog breed is beautiful. They have an abundance of energy, are very smart and have a sensitivity that makes them lovable. Collies are great dogs, but when it comes to collie training the challenge begins. Collie training is not as easy as it may seem, but with some helpful advice you should be able to prepare for the challenge and make it through training successfully.

To Train a Collie

Before you embark upon collie training it is a good idea to know just what you will need to train a collie. One of the biggest things you will need is patience. This is true with any type of dog training. Dog’s are a lot like little kids and they do not always pick things up as fast as you would like. You have to patient and willing to work with them until they actual do get it.

You will also need to be creative. Collies get bored easily and quickly. You will need to change things up and to give them new challenges often. You will also have to create a reward for each task you expect the dog to complete. A collie won’t be too eager to do something if there is not something in it for him.

Basic supplies that you should have include a leash, collar, treats, toys and various training tools that enforce the things you want to teach your dog. You should make sure that you have everything that you need before you start training. Your dog will respond better if training is kept rapid and moves along rather than stopping and starting.

Starting Training

The first steps in training usually include potty training, leash training and general obedience training. For all of these types of collie training tasks you will follow the same general rules.

Collies are very smart and will pick things up pretty fast as long as you are teaching them the right way. Collies do not respond well to harsh treatment. Training has to be all about positive reinforcement. Never punish your collie when he does not understand or does not perform the way you want him to. Have plenty of treats and other rewards ready for when your dog does what he is asked.

You want to keep giving your collie new challenges. Repetition may be key with many dog breeds, but with a collie repetition only leads to boredom. Once bored, the collie training is pretty much over as the dog will be tuning out anything you are trying to teach him. Once your dog picks up whatever you are teaching him, move onto the next thing. At each training session you can go back over what he has learned to keep it fresh in his mind, but keep things moving along at a good pace.

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