Top 3 Best Pitbull Training Tips that Can Help You Control Your Dog

Many people would agree that pitbulls have a bad reputation and they are known for their aggressive and fierce nature which makes them the bad guys in the dog world. However, that is not completely true because you can look out for some really good pitbull training that can help your pitbull to be your loyal friend and companion and understand your orders easily. Pitbulls are not for everybody but if you decide to give them the right training they can provide you with better friendship and loyalty that you expect from them. Here are some helpful and best pitbull training tips that can help you to control your pitbull in a better way.

Be the Leader

Pitbulls have the tendency to become leaders and therefore it is important that you train your dog to know that you are the leader and that you are the top most chain of command. To do this you can provide him with a feeding schedule. For a dog whoever has control over the resources is the boss and therefore you need to provide him with meals only at the right time rather than anytime. If you provide him with the meal anytime he wants he will feel that he is in control.

Positive Reinforcement

You should only praise your pitbull when he has earned it and not every time. Pampering and praising your pitbull can often create misunderstanding that he is doing the right thing. If your dog gets praises all the time he will no longer value it. It is likely that you cuddle your dog when you return home from work because you missed him but praise him only if he greets you at the door and not if he jumps and barks excessively.

Early Socialization

Pitbulls are aggressive because they are not always tolerant and they will not allow people to dominate their space. Hence, it is important that you keep your pitbull close to more and more people so that he is comfortable with more people around. You can expose him to more men and children around and that should keep things positive and upbeat. You can also allow your kids to play around with pitbull that will keep him happy and occupied and he will get connected eventually. With the help of these best pitbull training tips you can be sure that you can allow your pitbull to get the right kind of comfort.

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