Cocker Spaniel training


You ever had Cocker Spaniel, these sweet fluffy balls? I love them.

The Spaniel breeds originated from Spain and came in large variety of shapes and sizes. There were water, land, Springer and field spaniels – they all had different duties. The smallest is the Cocker spaniel, he was used to flush out and retrieve games such as quail and woodcock.

The Cocker Spaniel has a lovely appearance- beautiful dark eyes, floppy ears and wagging tail. In a good condition he is like an athlete, he is able to cover great distances during a day out; they have strong neck and nice deep chest. His silky hair is one nice plus, it needs good maintenance and if you want to keep it long – brush it every day and trim it every 6 weeks.

Fully grown Cocker Spaniel is 25-30 cm tall.

Well trained and socialized Cocker Spaniel is delight to have around. They are loyal, gentle, joyful dependable and charming puppies. Their even temperament is the reason that they are very popular but also created problems with the breed.

The Cockers like to be busy all the time, they love to play and flyball is absolute favorite for them.

House training shouldn’t be a big issue, it is important to start early and be consistent, to make good schedule and apply it. Supervision is critical.

Leash training is another behavior you will have to teach. Start as soon as you can, it is never too early, they are strong dogs and they like to make it crazy on the leash.

You should taught all the basic commands to him because you will rely on them for his safety  and in many everyday situations.

They have excelled in sports training- flyball, obedience trials, hunting and tracking and they are also therapy dogs.

Resource guarding and canine possession aggression are issues that come up when we are talking about Cocker Spaniel, try to prevent it.

Some of them love to dig – it may cause problems if you have a garden and you love it, just find him nice empty space to do it.

When he is small you should spend as much time as you can with him, they are people lovers. Make him a good exercise plan and keep him on sight all the time. Puppies love to chew something and will try to “eat” your shoes or clothing, this is a game for them so assure chick toy in his mouth. Buy lot of toys, because the need to be changed constantly.

Never forget that there is no play fighting for the dog, be careful and be sure that the children don’t play games like that. Make everybody understand that this is not allowed for safety.

With a little bit of consistency you can teach your Cocker to sleep when you want to – just make him tired enough.

Be gentle and positive with your pet, he will be you friend till the end of his life and will love you like no one before.

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