Collie training tips


A Collie dog is and elegant and aristocratic breed. They come from Iceland but the last centuries Scotland is their second home. They owe their popularity to queen Victoria, when she was in Scotland, she saw them and she admired them very much.
The Collie dogs are tall and strong. They have wedge-shaped head, with rounded muzzle, almond brown eyes (sometimes blue eyes), black nose and small 75percent prominent ears, bent at the top. Another Collie mark is the long body and tail, they have strong teeth (scissors bite), long hair.
The Collie is very intelligent, devoted, with nice character and susceptible to training. He loves to play and he is great with kids, but also could be really devoted to their family’s protection. Outside the Collie is very active, if properly trained he is nice with strangers and 45 minutes of walk twice a day is very important for that dog.
The male Collie grow to -60-65sm high and 26-34kg, the female is smaller – 55-60sm, 25-30kg., average life duration is 14-16yrs.
The Collie owner should be very persistent, patient, convincing and also determined otherwise he will have one very difficult and crazy dog. They need enough space to feel good, so a small courtyard it is right for them. You need to assure them good physical practice – long walks or games.
The Border collie is the most intelligent dog ever; he is learning things very quick new things, workaholic and very active dog.
Be careful if you let him to swim, they are more sensitive than the other dogs, there is a possibility of allergies.
In fact this breed is very easy to train, too easy maybe but here some tip to make your life easier:
First off all you and your dog must be friend – as you know dogs are like wolfs, they live in hounds, and if you’re not friendly he won’t listen to you;
He don’t like to be bulled, expects to be treated fairly and with respect. Punishment and negative reinforcement don’t work here. Never hit at him, he won’t respect you and – the dog may bite you if he is scared;
In the beginning don’t call the dog to come to you; you need to go to him;
Exercise, exercise and exercise is the key here, mental stimulation too, a tired collie is a well-behaved collie.
The Collie needs to be respected and treated with patience;
Don’t start with very difficult tricks to teach, try the basics;
Never forget to show to your friend when he did something well, it doesn’t need to be given some goodie, just tell him he was a good dog, be nice;
Be determinate and persistent: if the owner of this breed is too nice the dogs won’t see him as his leader and … it will be difficult;
They don’t like the heat so you need to find them shady place, when training too;
The Collies have no problem to learn complicated things, which need strong mind and persistency.
After trained this great dog can help blind people to live easier; they are also used as a police dogs.
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