Golden retriever training


Golden Retriever is one of my favorite dogs. They are smart, joyful and attractive pets. You know where their name came from – because they can bring the hunter’s prey undamaged. Unlike most of the dogs they love the water and to play in it.

Its country of origin is Britain, selected as a hunting dog; he is very popular since 1990. This dog has an instinctive love of water and is easy to train to basic or advanced obedience standards.

The golden Retriever has dense, long coat that keep him warm outdoors. They like living in wide, free spaces but they still need to be in fenced areas because they love to roam…

They grow large and strong – males between 56-61cm and females are shorter – 51-56cm. The coloring may vary – from cream to gold. It is kind, friendly and confident friend who is the hallmark of the breed. They like equally strangers and familiar to them people, trusting and gentle dogs, they are not fit for guardians. The aggression is not in their breed.

You should groom them at least once a week and every day during shedding, bath them once every two months and clear their ears (nice and big).

The normal Golden Retriever is very intelligent; never bitts and he love to please you, an active dog that love to have fun and he is exceptionally patient.

They are one of the brightest breed when trained obedience.

It’s a challenge to train a dog but Golden Retriever requires less work than most of the other breeds. The most important is to understand that he is an animal and to treat him like one. Dogs need a dominant owner that will be their leader, they are pack animals. Then you must know that training is necessary for your retriever, because his friendly nature could bring him trouble.

First assure your dog plenty of exercise so he could burn his energy; his breed in a hunting breed and he has too much energy. Once the excess of energy is gone you can manage nice and well planned training session.

Begin with the basics – “stay”, “sit” and “down”, they are prone to problems with their hips and early “sit” training keeps them healthy. As you know they are big animals and jumping on people can cause injury.

Clicker training is very useful for the Retriever. The sharp sound alerts him into the right direction. This type of training refers to a method and you don’t need traditional clicker.

Like with the other dogs you need to make quick sessions, after the dog is distracted, stop and continue later. Five mins is a reasonable amount of time for a session.

Do not forget to reward your pet when he is doing well. Especially that dog love to please you and rewarding is the key to motivate him even more.

Training him may be a challenge but good experience. When he tests you and your planning, don’t give up, soon you’ll see the results and he will begin to behave right way.

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