Greyhound train

You ever seen a dog race, dogs running after rabbit (a toy), and experience the happiness you favorite to win?! Or maybe you went hunting and you saw these noble and strong creatures: finding the prey but trained enough to give it to the hunter? Here I will tell you more about them and the basics of their training.

The greyhound is breaded and used in racing competitions. They are very nice and intelligent dogs and get very attached to their owners.

They originate from Asia’s and Africa’s prairie, imported in Europe with the Romans, in middle ages they were the most famous dogs in the Royal court. The royal nobles went hinting with them and there were a lot of schools to teach them. Their breeding was highly improved too.

Do you know that they are the fastest dogs, ever?! They are almost as fast as a running horse.

 The hounds are made to be fast- they have thin, strong, muscled body, long legs and large chests. The highest speed is 70 km/h.

The greyhound originates from England, but they root from Mesopotamia. It was a hunting dog – rabbits and deer mostly. It grows to 68-76-cm and 26-40kg weight; their color may vary – orange, gray, white, orange and black also. His life duration is 9-15yrs, growing they could experience some heath problems- thyroid gland or digestion.

This is sweet and sensitive creature, he loves peaceful life; nice, happy, very intelligent and loving dog. He is good with grown kids, because they are more delicate.

When come to training, the greyhound is very acceptable, he is quick learner, very smart. One thing you need to know is to socialize your dog at young age, later he may experience difficulties. As his owner you must be patient and caring. Never be rood with your best friend and never forget to show him your appreciation. One of the most important things is to find what motivates the dog – toys, pets etc. Everything that makes him exited, happy and ready is a good choice to start training. The training must be part of an everyday routine, they don’t need go to school, you know. It must be relevant to the environment of the dog and the owner.

Some trainers say that one good way to train him is to keep your sessions short once a day or 5 times a week that helps the dog to remember and to remind himself the last session.

They are an open space dogs so the house training could be difficult tack: Take him out often and communicate with him in a Very Clear Manner; The training must be black or white for the dog, grey one is a mistake; You should remove all scents of your house; The good behavior must be well rewarded; Be strong to teach him potty training.

With the proper training they could be guardian dogs, great runners and hunters. We have them for our friends and they are happy when we are.

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