How to train a Collie Puppy


When these dogs with wedge shaped head run around the field, their fur bounces with so much elegancy and grace. Then who would not want to own such a beauty in their house. Enlisted in the herding breed of dogs and relatives of border collies, these are very affectionate family dogs. But every dog needs to be trained. So here are some tips for you and your collie puppy.

  • Early Socializing – You need to take your puppy out and get it in touch with the world so that it doesn’t turn out to be timid. They are friendly but it is your job to keep them safe and love them so that they get attached with you as early as possible.
  • Couch potato – Rough coat collies are known for being couch potatoes. They can sit with you for hours hence they are good companions. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to train them. They are always up for a good walk as it is in their blood. Their ancestors were actually sheep herders and still are.
  • They can get moody sometimes – This breed is known for its sense of humour we must say. This is because of their ‘I will do it if I am benefitted’ attitude. This is actually occasional because they are smart enough to make you laugh with such things. They might not listen to your commands on purpose just to tease you. So don’t lose patience and play along with them.
  • Highly trainable – These breeds are highly trainable. You can easily teach them commands by having fun with them as they will learn it easily. They belong to the sheep herder family, which is meant to be the toughest thing to train to a dog. So definitely you can teach them things like sit, lie down, be quiet, speak etc. Just remember one thing, whatever you do, just do it with love with these magnificent creatures.
  • Don’t change your phrases – if you use a phrase, then don’t change it. Collies are smart dogs if you say ‘fetch’ and teach him to fetch something for a week or so, and then next week you start saying ‘go fetch’ they won’t listen to you. So use easy to remember phrases which are both easy for you and the dog.
  • Potty training – it requires patience. You need to consistently keep training the dog for at least a week so that you can make your dog understand what you want. But again, don’t change the phrase you use for the first time.
  • Crate training – Make a house for your puppies, and let them know that that is the place where they need to be comfortable.
  • Keep inventing – Keep inventing new ideas and trainings for your puppy so that it doesn’t get bored. Keep sessions.

Having a Rough coat Collie is a boon in itself as you are actually adding a fun new member to your family. They get comfy with kids and other pets too so enjoy and be patient. Happy Training!

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