How to train a Dachshund


Training a dog is one of the most enjoyable tasks but pretty hard thing to do on the same. Dachshund, being cutest of the breeds requires a lot more patience while training. But here are some tips and tricks for you so that you can make your little family member an obedient one.

  • Starting with puppies – If you have a dachshund puppy then it’s really easy to train them if you start early. It will give you a fresh start in building an obedient well-mannered dog later.
  • Don’t let your dog hate training – You don’t need to make training session longer one. Because then your dachshund might add a ‘boring’ tag to it and won’t participate equally as you do. Keep it short but 2 – 3 times a day.
  • How to interest your dog in getting trained – Dogs can always use some appreciation. Lure them into getting trained by giving them small treats like biscuits they love. But only when it is required. And just a simple ‘come on boy/girl, you can do it’ will make your dachshund feel perked up.
  • Metal strength is necessary – Your Dachshund while growing will come across sounds and actions which may startle them. So you need to make them aware of all these things so he is prepared for future. But don’t do this too early, do it as they get mature. ALSO, when your dachshund is just a puppy, keep giving his alone time for a few seconds every day. This will help them build comfort with themself even if you are not around.
  • Their Home Sweet Home – You need to make a place for them as soon as he arrives at your home for the first time, not necessarily a dog house, but a crate or a basket is sufficient. This will get them comfy with that place and will consider.
  • Toilet training – It is indeed a tough job to do. But it actually all depends on you how you train your puppy. If you can take them outside, then instil a habit of excreting outside. After sometime the puppy will himself/herself ask for it. But do take your dog to toilet often.
  • How to make them attentive – It is a common problem that puppies don’t respond to their names. But you need to train your puppy by first taking their name and then touching them. This will let them know that they have to respond to that particular word.
  • No punishment policy – Dogs can be notorious at times, but you have to be calm and firm. If you yell at them or hit them, then this might lead to a fear for you in them forever. Just a tone of domination with extra love and a touch will bring them on the right track.

With attention, caution and lots of love, your puppy can become obedient. Just keep it interactive as the connection between both of you depends on both of you.

>>Have a Happy Dachshund! <<