How to train a Rottweiler


Beautiful black puppies with brownish details wanting to play as they are just children. And as they grow up they want to be the great guard dogs. That’s the image you get when you hear the name Rottweiler. These dogs can be very aggressive as they grow. But it is in your hand whether you want to trigger their aggression or companionship. So just follow these steps and enjoy your life with a Rottweiler.

  • Want to train? Why wait – If you want to train your dog then why wait for him to grow up? At the age of around 2 months, start training them according to their abilities. They are quick learners, but can be a bit cheeky at times. So don’t let them feel like you are their underling. But establish yourself as the leader and this will stop him from misbehaving in front of you.
  • What you give is what you get – A dog’s behaviour will always depend on your behaviour. If you are firm, calm and even scold your dog with love, then you will get love in return. Be the commander. But a commander with compassion and passion to be the leader of the pack.
  • The outer world is a must see – A puppy is as unaware of the outer world as a human child is. And so it needs to be exposed to the outer world too. Help your puppy meet strangers; let him play with them but always under your guidance. Also introduce your pet to other animals so that it never gets startled to see other animals again in future.
  • We all need space isn’t it – Your dog has his own world too. A Rottweiler is a guard dog and has to spend time with himself/herself. So give them their own space to sleep known as crate training. Teach them to take their crate as their home and place with comfort. But too much crate training may lead to adverse effects. So be cautious while doing so
  • Train everything you can – Rottweiler is an intelligent dog. Listens to your command if you teach them well. Teach them how to sit, lie down, eat, touch, fetch, jump etc. The most important is that you need to teach your puppy what to do when you say NO! Some dogs can overrule this command because they are not taught well about this. So let them know you are the boss when you say no.
  • At last, be cautious – Yes, you might not want to trigger the guarding instincts in your dog. Rottweiler can get pretty aggressive at times, so you need to handle it peacefully. If you abuse them, hit them, yell at them; it’s not going to help. Your family for sure needs to be protected but you need to tell your dog who is a suspect and who is not by using properly socializing methods.

Owning a Rottweiler is a job in itself, but by using proper methodology and love, you can always turn this beautiful creature into a canine citizen.

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