How to train an Alaskan malamute


Cute, Furry, that feeling of companionship you get when you stare in those eyes. That is how normal people would describe Alaskan malamute. But a dog specialist would describe them as a breed in ‘dangerous breeds’ list. Alaskan malamute is known for the adaptive capabilities and clever mind which can undoubtedly will be the plus pointers for you in training your puppy. They can be very hard to teach if you cannot understand them. So sync with them and follow these steps for making your Alaskan malamute a fierce yet cute, smart yet obedient pup.

  • It’s a wolf pack Alaskan malamute as we all know is a wolf like dog breed. And hence it believes in living in a pack. It’s your job to let them know that yes the family he/she is living in is their pack where they are at the least position. Because as Alaskan Malamutes grow, they can turn out to be pretty dominating.
  • Tender first, then teachAlaskan malamutes, when they arrive are nothing but chubby puppies. Like we all need love, a dog needs love to. And in this case, they need a lot of love because they believe in living in a group. So don’t be harsh, just be gentle even if they do something wrong. Let them know their mistake, but with love.
  • Include all the basic training – Like any other dog, they need to be given toilet training and behavioural training too. But you have to be patient and consistent. How? Include the training in your daily activities. Like when you need to give your puppy food, ask them to sit first. In the beginning, it may look tough. But being an adaptive breed they will learn to obey you eventually.
  • Include fun in your training – Make whatever you teach enjoyable. Learn about your dog. Make yourself aware about their likes and dislikes. And then use all this information in your training. Don’t make sessions long. Because these dogs are smart enough to suspect repetition and will get bored easily. And it is said that ‘Boredom breeds a destructive Malamute’. Now we don’t want that, do we?
  • Too much treat is bad – People often believe in alluring their dogs with food to train them. It is good thing as the dogs feel appreciated. But if you do it more often, then dog might listen to you only if he/she is hungry. Which is actually a bad sign of disobedience. Other dogs might listen to you, but this one here is smart enough to adapt.
  • Appreciate them – They are beautiful creatures. You have to be calm and need to have patience while training them. It may take several tries teaching them one single thing. But by rubbing their fur and saying, “That’s a good boy/girl”, you can teach them a lot.

Start early, in fact start today, and teach your Alaskan Malamute to obey you and teach them to respect you. Because they can turn out to be the best of your friend.

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