Advanced and Basic Obedience Training – Doberman Pinscher (Pars)

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25 comments on “Advanced and Basic Obedience Training – Doberman Pinscher (Pars)

  1. I love Dobermans. As soon as I graduate college, and purchase a house on a
    little plot of land, I’m buying a female dobe. I’ve grown up with German
    Shepherds, a dalmation, a little rat terrier, and a rottie..but something
    about the intelligence and poise of the dobe fascinates me.

  2. Look up dog shows in your area and visit the breeders at the show. Ask tons
    of questions. Ask for tips in picking a puppy and what to look for in a
    good Dobie. Breeders love their breeds and are helpful when you’re
    interested in their breed. Also watch obedience trials and talk to
    participants. Ask who good trainers are in your area and take your puppy to
    school. An obedient dog is a wonderful companion and dobies love learning
    with their humans.

  3. Great video. He obviously loves to work with his human friends. Beautiful
    dog. His stance and poise look perfect (2:25-2:30). The intelligence in
    their faces makes Dobermans special to me (I’ve had two). Best companions
    you could ask for.

  4. Although my reds lack this type if training within two months they will be
    there smartest beefs ever

  5. i want my puppy to do half of this does anyone know how to achieve this
    kind of training?

  6. It’s not your dog it’s you. You need to put the time and effort to train
    your dog. All dogs are trainable. They all have brains correct?? So there
    is no difference between dogs you just have to have the time and commitment
    in training your dog the right way and keep at it. Training never stops

  7. As a Doberman owner/lover and a fellow dog trainer, I love the fact that
    you are using toy rewards instead of treats. People are so food obsessed
    and transfer that on their dogs. I would much rather create prize envy and
    use toys. I have been a vet tech for 12 years and the misuse of food can
    lead to obesity, kidney/liver problems and GDV. Excellent job. Gorgeous
    Dog! ♥♥♥

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