24 comments on “Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First.

  1. Please take down this video of animal abuse and sexism. It sickens me
    seeing males run these abusive events. Women are forced to train these dogs
    by the males, if we don’t comply the dogs are put down and the women are
    beaten. The dogs that survive get exhausted to the point of death. Either
    way this is inhumane and should be banned. Shame on Reddit for supporting
    this filth!

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

  2. Jeg prøver at leve i nuet, være mindfull. Jeg prøver at være seriøs og kun
    fokusere på det essentielle… MEN alt for ofte er jeg blot som den her
    sjove hund

    Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First.

  3. I saw this video on +Nancy Duenki Tuttle facebook page, but it’s so
    hilarious that I think our G plus friends should see it too. There was even
    a text there saying:
    *Golden Retriever Hilariously Fails Dog Obedience Competition*
    This adorably clueless golden retriever from Finland clearly has his
    priorities in order.

    and also someones very funny comment:
    *You can really see his thought process.*
    *”Okay, get ready, don’t f*** this up, she’ll tell you to go and you’ll
    go…come on, you trained for this..ALRIGHT GO..”*

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  5. Happy Friday! Git’r done, y’all.

    Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First.

  6. jajaja que grande el perro, el mejor xD

    Este perro realmente quiere competir… pero lo primero es lo primero.

  7. Maybe we should enter Jack and Mutley in for this. they could be a tag
    team lololol +Dave Tunstall 

  8. Only a Golden Retriever could steal the show with his ‘obedience’
    performance fail….awesome dog.

  9. “You made an entire tunnel of delicious treats for me to eat? Thankyou
    humans, nom nom nom.” #goldenretreiverlogic

  10. Den här hunden är min idol och påminner mig om hur det här med att inrätta
    sig i ledet inte är så kul.

  11. I’m working my ass off to try and train my 9 month old Golden Retriever,
    then my dad decides it would be funny to show me this.

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