How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP

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25 comments on “How to Train your DOG NOT to JUMP

  1. its kinda funny, you really dont believe in the dominance thing, but you
    are a confident and sure when working with dogs. Thats the alpha .

  2. Hey Zak, this was a super helpful video with a lot of great tips! I have a
    three month old Golden Retriever/Lab/Mastiff, and I’ve seen your video on
    potty training your dog, but do you have any tips on potty training outside
    when you can’t always control the dog’s environment? What we want from
    Bailey is to go to the bathroom in the forest that surrounds our yard, and
    despite our bringing her to the edge of the forest, letting her do her
    business, and rewarding her, she still insists on going on the lawn (which
    is where we’re trying to show her is her “living area”) when we’re not
    there to bring her to the designated area… any advice?! I don’t want to
    resort to the old fashioned methods!

  3. You didn’t help me with my 10 month old Lab’s jumping problem. I am
    without ideas now as she doesn’t respond to anything I do. Including
    ignoring her, she just jumps up on my back if I walk away and she chases
    me. I can’t close her in a room when I come home without her first jumping
    on me and I can’t put her out without her first jumping on me. It would be
    good if you showed how to stop your own dog jumping on yourself without a
    leash. She doesn’t live in the house with a leash on all the time.

  4. Hello Zak, I understand all your concepts about training dogs. However, my
    golden has food allergenic/intolerance when she eats too much treats during
    training. I tried to remove treats during training, and she refuses to
    following what I asked her doing. What advice do you have? Thank you very

  5. when i go to answer the door my dog barks at me and jumps up at me and
    grabs me buy the arm she dont bite i can fell her teeth or if i go out side
    and i come back in the house she braks at me jumps up at me grabs me buy
    the arm i dont no what to do any more i need yur healp

  6. I want to teach my dog to not run out the front door if it is open when
    someone arrives or when we arrive home. We live on a very busy street and
    it would be fatal if he ran out. He is a schitzu named Winston

  7. Hey! We are first time dog owners who are SUPER excited to bring Lloyd
    home from the shelter on Saturday. Your videos have been tremendously
    helpful and we’re already trying out some of your techniques with our
    newest family member. We were wondering if you thought it was possible to
    eventually train Lloyd to only sit on the part of the couch that is covered
    in blankets, even when we’re not there to supervise him (in months and
    months time, of course!). We have a nice leather couch and don’t want to
    run the risk of scratching, but definitely want to cuddle with him on a
    covered portion of the couch when he gets home. Would that set us up for
    failure or will he be able to tell the difference in the fabrics
    eventually? Also posted to your fb page 🙂 

  8. wow, thanks, this is great bcuz I can see real dogs convert. however I am
    having trouble getting my dog to like her crate. she is afraid of
    everything and when I put her in the crate I see signs of her bending the
    wired crate! help. if I leave her out all day she will scratch at the
    door as if she has to escape immediately. I’ve tried putting food in her
    crate the food will be there when I get home. any suggestions?

  9. +Zak George how do you train an older (7 years) pitbull to be nice to other
    dogs? He’s really not a mean dog to people at all but we have a year old
    pup that is hyper and pretty much just drives him crazy and he really
    doesn’t like any other dogs to begin with, no matter what they do or how
    they act, especially male dogs. (I don’t wanna see any ignorant comments
    from anyone either like “put him down cause he’s a pit” or any other untrue
    accusations about pitbulls, cause they are NOT mean dogs at all to people.
    He is the most lovable dog even to my nephew who hangs all over him and
    everything. For some reason he just doesn’t like other dogs and I’ve had
    him since he was 6 weeks old and he’s always been around other dogs but
    can’t get along with them he wants to fight them.)

  10. I have a pit. She’s 11 months. She sits, stays, dances, place, give me
    five. But the one thing she still does is jump. Shes very friendly and
    doesnt know her own strength. I get the energy thing, but even if shes
    oytside all day she still does this. Whats worse is when others come over
    and try to handle her THEIR way because they believe its a dominance thing.
    (rolls eyes) thing is… This is my DOGS home, not theirs. Im nearly at a
    loss. Shes very food motivated

  11. I do not own a dog,but have a dog related question. I worked at a building
    years ago and this one dog would always try and bite the back of my shoes
    when I walked. Never the front or the side just the back.Does this behavior
    mean any thing?

  12. U said look ur dog in the eyes I thought tht ws a provoking thing. I ws
    always told don’t look them in the eyes

  13. B) Leash pulling please, my puppy does it when he knows it’s
    breakfast/dinner time after walks.

  14. Hi Zak. First time puppy owners here. Loving your approach to puppy
    training. He’s been catching on very quickly. Only area in having trouble
    in, is potty training in a high rise building that doesn’t allow dogs on
    the grass area outside. We have to walk him about 4 mins away to the park.
    He gets walked 3x a day but having accidents in between. He also likes to
    go half on the puppy pads and half on the floor. Please help!! I’m going

  15. omg stop switching from different recorded lessons its realy hard to focus
    on what your saying!! other than that love these videos!

  16. How about a show that helps with adding a new puppy thats verrrrrrry hyper
    from working lines (my case a gsd pup) to a house with smaller dogs. He
    wants to play but is way too rough, pounces on them and also rips hair out
    of my cat who willingly sits there. So I keep them separated which is
    driving my pup crazy lol any ideas?

  17. You are A great Trainer …My Husband and I have a 8month old
    Boxer/American Bulldog Mix…we have had him since 8 weeks Old he is a
    great and smart husband is a really good training him..but he pee’s
    when he get excited when we come home…how do u stop that..Thank You

  18. This really helped. Our dog picked up dominance humping from another dog at
    the park. He picks up other animals habits because he’s a puppy. He even
    learns from the cats. We broke the humping by breaking the behavior before
    he’d do it while we were at the park. I didn’t even think about
    anticipating jumping the same

  19. I have a very active chesapeake bay retriever who is 11 months old. She is
    very active and loves running around the back yard like a nut chasing
    squirrels and birds. I have one problem. When I am in the backyard and
    she is in this mode, she has jumped me from behind while she is running and
    has knocked me over several times. I never hear her coming. How do I
    break her from doing this. She doesn’t hit/jump me head on, but will
    hit/jump me from behind when my back is turned. Can you help?

  20. Thank you for taking the time to explain possible reasons for the jumping
    in the beginning. When my 4 month old Rottie jumps and I turn around, she
    proceeds to grab me by wrapping her arms around my legs. She will even go
    to trying to take a chunk out of the back of my leg. Everyone else who has
    met her says she’s well behaved, but they don’t see what I have to deal
    with at home. How do I put an end to this behavior? Another problem I
    have, is that on walks she will be great and then randomly she won’t stop
    attacking the leash or attacking my ankles/legs, and sometimes jumps up to
    grab my coat. Any suggestions?

  21. My dog is jumping and alot and she’s just 3weeks pregnant and I’m scared if
    she is going to have a Miscarriage 🙁 please help me 

  22. Hi Zak, I have a 5 months old Lab puppy. He loves jumping on us a lot. He
    stays in the back yard mostly, So when I get home, he starts jumping. I
    don’t open the door until he sits down. When he sits down, then I open the
    door and ask him to shake for a Hi, then treat him, but as soon as I step
    forward few steps, he jumps. Saying No, ignoring, even pushing him down
    with my knee or on his shoulders don’t work. He knows all the sit, stay,
    and watch me commands well. Can you give me any idea on how to stop him
    from jumping on us first rather than guests.

  23. +zacgeorgedogtrainingrEvolution
    Thanks I have a 8 month german shepherd and she has jumped on me and
    knocked me over a few times but the people in the rescue center let her
    jump on them 

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