How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

Need to see more examples of leash training with different dogs? Check out this playlist with newer examples of different types of dogs learning to walk nice…

24 comments on “How to Train Your Dog to NOT PULL on the Leash!

  1. I’d like you to make a video on training a dog not to go after cats and
    other animals, dogs anything really. My dog runs after any animal he spots
    and will rag it like a chew toy. Of course when he is in full flight he
    takes no notice to me and continues to run after the animal. All I can do
    by then is tell him bad boy when he returns and lock him in the house and
    ignore him. I need a way to get him out of the habit, to prevent him from
    doing it in the first place.

  2. Easy with young and small light dogs like this…I am looking after a huge
    Doberman for 3 months, she pulls like a steam train…her owner puts up
    with being dragged, and worse, uses an extendable lead. They have tried a
    head collar, but as she pulls so hard, there is no let up and it gets into
    her eye. Can you make a video with an older problem headstrong dog like
    this please? I have been stopping and insisting she sits when she pulls, we
    get almost nowhere…this video is good re turning around the opposite way,
    and having it be training time, not enjoying walking time. She is 4 years
    old, great with people, bad with other dogs.

  3. My dog pulls the leash every time he sees a dog across the street, the
    tries to run desperately toward it, i have a siberian husky. what would you

  4. My dog used to pull on the leash and would not heel for beans. I’m no dog
    trainer but here’s what finally worked for me:
    I would give her a tug on her choke chain collar when she pulled on the
    leash, but before I tugged, I would firmly say, “Heel!” and then give her a
    second to correct herself before my tug came.
    She quickly figured out that the command was going to be followed by a tug,
    but that if she slowed down, there would be no tug.
    She soon stopped pulling and would walk perfectly right next to me. Yay!

  5. what if our dog dosen’t understand toys?

    should I teach my dog not to pull by carrying her to the forest, that is
    across the road from our house for a hike, then walk her around our

    what if the dog’s brain shuts off when trying to be walked in the house, by
    pulling the other way to escape? and that the house is not as open spaced
    as that?

  6. I think some of the humans on here are easily distracted and need some
    treats to keep them focused on the video. Must be the better, faster, and
    more RIGHT NOW! generation we live in. I enjoyed your video immensely. I
    have just started taking our baby ( Miss Roxie Hart ) to classes at a local
    pet store. I find the one hour classes are great, however, I find absorbing
    the material in one hour quite challenging. You helped re-visit some of the
    methods taught. Thank you for putting your time into this video 🙂 I am
    going to resource your videos when I get frustrated and I AM IN NEED of
    more people training. Thanks again :)

  7. I have a new 3 year old American Bulldog that has recently joined my
    family. I have enjoyed your videos and we are both improving and find it to
    be a great benefit to us both. Keep up the excellent work, and we look
    forward to seeing and learning more great idea’s, tips, and tricks in the
    future. .. Thankyou again, sincerely. . April and Jax…

  8. My puppy is 7 weeks and when I put her harness and leash on her to walk she
    lays in the ground.

    Also she will per on the pad but poop on the floor what do I do? 

  9. Hi Zak or anyone else,
    first please let me say cudos and thanks for all the great videos. They are
    very informative, helpfull and for me not only transport the methods but
    the spirit of this form of trainig. I wachted pretty much all of your
    videos and most of them a couple of times, including all the leash walking
    videos and i am training it with some success. Now one thing still is not
    all clear to me: at you say to corrent
    right bevor the pulling occurs. I totaly get the concept of geting the dogs
    attention the moment they think about pulling and therefor get them to
    orient themselfs at you again to prevent the pull but at 4:25 you kind of
    just stop and let the dog run into the leash. Where is the difference
    between stopping bevor the pulling occurs wich, in this case, resulted in a
    pulling as well, and stop when the pulling occured “naturally”? I’d
    appreciate it very much, if you could elaborate on that!

    Thanks again and thumbs up!

  10. bawahahahha It worked it fucking worked?!?!!
    I’ve had my dog for a year and every time she almost takes my damn arm off,
    this actually helped. 2 weeks in and she doesn’t snatch or pull I am now
    down to teaching her to stay close, instead of just struggling to keep her
    on the leash.
    Knowing how she love(d) to pull me and slip free of her leash, this video
    may very well have saved my dogs life.

    Thanks a thousand times over!

  11. My dogs more interested in playing and chewing the lead rather than walk
    with it hes 12 weeks old and I don’t know what to do

  12. Good to see sound training based on psychological principles of
    generalization, shaping, etc. Thanks

  13. Man, this was a really good tutorial of hoe to train your dog, I’m going to
    start doing this with my Husky!

  14. I have a lab mix 3.5 yrs old. My son just got a healer about the same
    age, both male. My lab is fixed and his is not. They do not get along.
    We have tried to introduce them but there is too much growling and
    barking. Any suggestions?

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