10wk Pitbull puppy 3rd training session (sit/down/look/leave food)

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9 comments on “10wk Pitbull puppy 3rd training session (sit/down/look/leave food)

  1. , the most important thing to remember when getting a new dog is to make
    sure they are well trained, go to onlinedogtraining ;us for a free ebook; 

  2. Karma’s like, “what the hell?” “where’s my treats”? “I’m being better than
    that puppy, and she gets all the rewards”

  3. This is very useful. I have a 8 week year old pit puppy. And he’s learned
    to sit. But this excersice is.perfect 

  4. I have a 2 1/2 month old puppy Pitt laila. She is my first Pitt and I am
    having allot of trouble with her chewing and biting everything, including
    my 1 year old daughter on her legs and hands. Also I have a 6 year old
    beagle mix who is not getting alone to goid with the puppy. She likes to
    bite her and play but the 6 year old doesn’t want to. Can you give me some
    advise how to stop the biting and how to train her? Also how long and how
    frequent should I be training my pyppy? I would appreciate your feedback so
    much. Thank you 🙂 

  5. Thanks for the no nonsense tutorial , it was very helpful for me and my new
    pitbull puppy. He knows the sit and down command but will only go down if
    I have food in my hand. Any tips?. Also how long should he be doing his
    commands before I add a new one. 

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