25 comments on “Cute Shih Tzu – training and fun videos

  1. my puppy have the same name Cooper he is 1 year old . but i cant training
    with him, he is so crazy but i love him :<3

  2. hey, thanks for sharing these videos… they are excellent! How do you
    train cooper in the first place? My shih tzu is one year old now, I’m
    looking for some ways to train him.

  3. you are so good with training your dog, we just got a shih Tzu puppy about
    3 months old n want to start training him but he’s always so hyper and
    doesn’t listen.

  4. how old is cooper in the video? because we hav a 3 months and he doesn’t
    listen and is so hipper

  5. Hi. You dog is amazing. Can i ask something? What kind of dog food your
    giving to him when your training him?

  6. my shih Tzu bailey failed puppy training classes and she is 4 now. all ive
    taught her to do is go into her pen at night . she has taught me a lot of
    tricks though.

  7. Hi Kelly.. Cooper look so cute.. I have a shih tzu too, she is 2 years old,
    she look similar with cooper..

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