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25 comments on “Dog Training: Top 10 Things You Should Teach Your Dog First

  1. I love to see people connecting with their animals like you with your dog,
    it’s heartwarming to watch. I know discipline and training are important,
    but I have a dog because i want a companion and friend by my side, not a

  2. All haters:
    The dogs arent trained to be fully controlled. They want to have fun too.
    When they arent training they should be allowed to play with both their
    trainer and eachother. This dog was just trying to get some attention and a
    little bit of scratching maybe:) Dogs should be able to have fun even
    though they are not as intelligent as we are. Respect the animals


  3. +Marie *I’ll expose some shocking truths about just why your dog is
    currently behaving the way he is!*

  4. This is the first video I have seen on your channel, what kind of dog do
    you have? :D

  5. i really need special advice Zak i tried all your techniques but my dog is
    traumatized hes really confused also the click trick just scared him and
    lost all intrest after that. i got my dog from the dog pound and im not
    sure if he was treated badly before i brought him home. any suggestions ?

  6. I have a five month old lab puppy who is not doing well with house
    breaking. My biggest problem is that she loves her crate and it is divided
    so she only has room to turn around and lie back down, but she feels
    completely comfortable going to the bathroom in there…..or anywhere else
    in the house as well! She is taken out a lot and the vet assured me it
    isn’t a medical issue. Any ideas?

  7. First thing you need to teach your dog is to respond to his name. If the
    dog can’t respond to his own name, he/she will be only concentrating on the
    treat and pay no attention to your words.
    you do not put a treat next to your eyes coz they look at the treat not
    into your eyes. Big big mistake

  8. I really enjoy your training videos! I’ve never owed a dog before so your
    tips and advice has definitely helped me. Thank you!

  9. Hahaha, I am so glad that my dogs aren’t the only ones that “nag” when it’s
    time to go for a walk. Your dog is soooo cute and full of character. 

  10. He sucks and his tips don’t work and it’s true cause if he’s not lying then
    where did he get his

  11. is it only me or does he look like peter parker from spiderman (the first
    series not the new one)

  12. I’m happy to see a dog who’s well-behaved and still full of character.
    Usually when I see a dog who is trained perfectly, they’ve had their
    personality sucked out of them, it’s like they’re made into a robot. 

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