How to Potty Train & Crate Train a Puppy OR Dog HUMANELY and EFFECTIVELY!

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  1. I need help 🙁 my two months old german sheperd . I put him in his crate in
    the night but before 7 am he does potty 3 times. And most of the time
    outside of the door of the crate despite putting a mat on the side.
    Obviously he stamps on it and climbs back in bed so he is in a right mess
    🙁 every morning for me to clean up! . What is it that I m doing wrong?
    Just got him a week ago.. During the day he does it on the mat… Just at
    nights I can’t understand. I even keep a dim light on so that he can see.
    Pls help its kinda upsetting me 🙁 

  2. I just rescued a stray dog off the street. He is estimated to be about 6
    weeks old and is a fearful puppy at this stage. I hope he will grow out of
    it. I lived in an apartment and have get him comfortable enough so he will
    stop hiding under things and follow me around. However, he is scared of
    going outside. I was hoping he would do his business in the small garden in
    the front gate but he is too afraid to go pass the front gate door. So far,
    he had pee and poop inside the house.. what do I do?

  3. Hey Zak, quick comment/remark. Early in the video, a comment is thrown up
    about dogs not feeling spite. A Westie I had a while back used to love
    sitting on my lap whilst mowing the (very large) lawn. Naturally, you have
    to be careful maneuvering a riding lawnmower to account for the dog. I was
    in a hurry one time, and didn’t want to take the time necessary allow him
    to sit on my lap, so I refused him the ride (took him inside after he
    clearly knew what was up), and he proceeded to tip over, and spread every
    trash can in the house. He was known for digging in trash every once and a
    while, but never all of them over the course of a three hour period of
    being alone in the house. I would think that’s a bit more than a
    coincidence and a good laugh. That had every indication of spite.

  4. I recently rescued a three year old female Dobermann.and she is a sweet
    dog. We have been following Zak’s training methods with great success
    except for potty training. It rains here (Seattle) all winter and this dog
    will not go outside to potty in the rain! I will get my raincoat on and
    her leash and try to get her out but she is 75 lbs and when she refuses to
    come with me I can not move her and then she just poops right there with
    me! If all she has to do is pee she will go to the steps leading to the
    yard and then pee on the steps but still refuses to go down into the grass.

    I was told she had been rehomed 4 times and I am afraid I will have to let
    her go as well. I am 75 years old and I love this dog but I need help

  5. We have 2 miniature poodles adopted from shelters: Snickers is 1-3yo and
    has been with us 3 months. Coco we adopted a week ago and we are told she
    is 14wks. Snickers used a crate and never made in the house. With Coco we
    need to train, so using advice from a book by Dunbar and Your Videos, we
    keep her in the crate 1 hour, then out to potty spot, maybe a walk after
    that, and then back in the crate for an hour unless she poops. Poop gets
    her play time in the house outside the crate. I don’t want to jinx myself,
    but she only has pooped outside. She pees in the house 1-2 times a day,
    when we ignore her or inevitably let her play outside time run past 30
    minutes. After a couple rough crate nights she now sleeps from 11pm to
    about 5:45am in her crate without crying or accidents. I feel blessed
    after reading these comments!!! I still feel we are forcing her to not
    mess in the house with the crate, and we cannot trust her to be out of it
    alone, but I am so proud of her after 1 week! PS, your training videos are
    great! Others don’t break the steps down like you do at all.

  6. When I take my dog outside to potty which, she has only done once since I
    got her, she seems to only care about sniffing for bones and all kinds of
    things she is not supposed to eat!! How do I make her understand she needs
    to potty and not dig for bones? 

  7. So I have to leave my dogs in crates at home every time I go to work and
    get them to go potty when I get back? I work 12hrs shifts. This is too much

  8. In the process. So glad I did not shoot her in the head. You just don’t
    know. Part Bulldog. Me too, I guess.

  9. Hey Zack,

    I’m still potty training my dog, she is aprox. 8 – 10 months old. I
    rescued her from a house were basically she was abandoned. Quick summary of
    her: she slept, drank, ate, peed, and pooped in the same place and still
    has some of her old behavior in my house. I’ve been trying to train her but
    sometimes I even feel she’s stubborn or she does things on purpose. Why?
    you may ask. simple. She waits until I’m gone to do her duties. One day she
    spent literally over 12 hours without doing anything because I went
    extremely crazy with her and supervised her that time. it wasn’t until I
    got extremely tired and let her alone that she did her business. Im about
    to go crazy . SOS

  10. We adopted two littermates from the shelter this last July, at 2 months of
    age. Absolutely wonderful dogs, great spirits…BUT. We have them more or
    less housebroken, but the difficulty is this: they will not tell us if they
    need to go outside! They’ll hold their business as long as they can, but
    it’s up to us to remember to take them out in time. Duke and Daisy are old
    enough to be able to grasp the concept of letting us know they need to
    visit the yard, but it’s beyond me to know how to teach them. We just got
    new carpet less than a week ago, and it’s already been baptized twice. My
    wife has banned the puppies from the family room, which, of course, is
    where we spend most of our time. Please help!

  11. Ok so we are going to rescue two 5 month old labrador Pitbull mix from the
    pound on Tuesday Dec 30 and they are going to spayed that day so are we
    just going to have to put them in the crates with no training and then in a
    week (when they recover) start the training process? Also they seemed a
    little scared when we first met them (one of them even peed on her self) so
    I am hoping this won’t become a nervous thing that she will do forever.
    Also they didn’t want to move while on the leash. I am pretty sure that
    most of this behavior will be grown out of But I just don’t want to scar
    them at all. I want them to eventually be like every lab and have off leash
    control, and play fetch or play in the water. 

  12. I am looking into becoming a trainer myself and I do have some questions.
    Right now, we just got a Yorkie that is now about 14 weeks old. Had her for
    2 weeks. I understand that it is not something that is accomplished in that
    short period of time, however, we have been trying potty pads and she will
    not use it very much at all, she will wait until we turn around and
    eliminate on the floor. Do you recommend potty pads or no? She is pretty
    smart, I already trained her to sit, lie down and shake. It is just getting
    her into a routine. However my mother in-law(Kiki is her dog) is wanting to
    wait until spring to take her outside to potty.
    Also, she is trying to chew on her collar as well, how can we get her to
    get used to it without chewing it apart? What do you suggest? I look
    forward to what you have to say.

  13. Hey Zack, Nice video. Here’s the problem. I have an 8 week old Chipin (Tea
    cup Chihuahua/ Pincher), 2 lbs, lol. I have managed to train her to pads,
    most of the time. She has accidents sometimes. However, she will not poopy
    on the pads. I try and take her outside, and she wines, and runs toward
    the door, and shaking. She is scared to death of the outside. I bought a
    tent crate from walmart, and she always uses it in there when I’m away.
    Should I trade this for a real crate, even at her tiny size? I feel so bad
    locking her in. 

  14. ok so i have a four month dachshund and i want her to become an inside dog
    how do i train her to go to the door when she needs to go potty? anyone
    please help me.

  15. Hi Zak,
    What would you recommend to train a dog without treats? I would like my
    dog to respond and listen to us without always having treats or without
    them expecting it. Thank you

  16. Hay Zak, my dog has been house trained and crate trained but she still
    often has accidents in the house and in her crate how can I stop this?

  17. I have 2 Brussels griffin’s Got them 5 years ago. I have worked on house
    training them for as long as i have had them. They came from Puppy mills.
    They learned every thing i have tried to teach them except potty training.
    They do good for a few weeks then he pisses on the walls and door frame.
    and she sits in front of open door and shits. They can get out side easily
    throw dog door. Multiple times they helped me house break there puppies by
    the time the baby’s were 9 weeks. and I recently got a puppy That is in
    training to pull dog cart. within 3 days she was fully house trained.
    using same Methods I have always used. PS your Video does not tell me any
    thing new. Have been Raising and training dogs and Dog owners off and
    on for 30 years. Any suggestions?

  18. What would be the cost of one of these crates? I have a male husky and he’s
    about to be 5 months old. I think one of these crates would be great for
    him. Love the way you train.

  19. Ok so I’m trying out this potty method, my problem? Every time I put her
    back in the crate if she doesn’t potty, she immediately potties in the
    crate. So if I’m making her wait another half hour for potty time in order
    to earn play time do I just slide her tray out and clean the tray but make
    her stay in the kennel for the half hour?

  20. i take my dog outside to go potty but she tends to pee inside even tho she
    went no less than an hour

  21. zak, my question is what if you have two puppies? Should we have two
    separate crates for crate training each have their own home or is one big
    fenced in area good. I’m finding that putting them in a smaller crate that
    they’ll hold their business all day as oppose to putting them in the puppy
    pen which may be too big and they’ll go all over the place. sometimes on
    the Pee Pad and a lot of times not. Watching your videos, I’ve picked up on
    some key things and will incorporate them this morning.

  22. Thanks Zak, we got rescue Cockerpoo of 14 months and wanted to put him in
    a crate when travelling in the car and after the walk in the countryside
    not muddy up the car. I followed your hints and tips as he would not even
    stick his head in it. Now he is sleeping in it with the door open which is
    just fine as its only day two of the training. Thanks again from rainy

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