DDK9: Controlled pitbull aggression (Worlds best off Breed Street Protection K9s)

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25 comments on “DDK9: Controlled pitbull aggression (Worlds best off Breed Street Protection K9s)

  1. but no you will never see my dogs in any adba show lol not what we do i
    consider any registry simply like a filing draw to me meanless only for the
    people who car its about what the dogs can do not what they are….these
    dogs are hard as nails there not pets there weapons we leave the dog shows
    for the pet owners who i also support 100% but just not my area these are
    civil protection dogs

  2. The Old English Bull Terrier. Did that kind of look like a white APBT? So
    Amstaffs and APBTs use to be the same when they were working dogs? What
    kind of work did they do? Was it the bulldog and terrier infusion that made
    them different? I have so many questions. Where can I learn more? Is there
    like a website or book?

  3. Very Nice training with the first Dog One thing Tho Why does he breath So

  4. A loving pit protecting his owner at all costs. A criminal broke into my
    house few years ago stabbed my right leg with a 6″ bowie knife my razors
    edge guaddi pit and cream dawn pit heard my cry amd came to my rescue and
    restrained him you can say. I luckily had a 1911 .45 on my shelf and ended
    the threat. Make my day law is a lovely law. But case in point these strong
    tough companions have for many years kept me safe. Not once have i been
    attacked by this breed. Ill give my life for them

  5. Exactly! Pitbull is actually not even the proper name for these dogs it is
    just a generalized name for the various terrier breeds such as
    staffordshire terrier, bull terrier etc.

  6. I have a 50 lb female that runs 4 miles a day. She would play them into a
    lump. And eat them both if she wanted.

  7. ..the world is very big my friend trust me alot of departments are
    branching off and trying things that are allowed within there city limits
    and regulations our pitch is simple..the dogs never have to bite anyone
    when these dogs come out lets be honest..this dog is 1,000 times more scary
    to the average joe then any Mal or shepherd so if the goal is really to not
    have to deploy the dog witch if you work closly with police you know
    is…..then there really is no better intimdation factor then this

  8. OK OK.. You win! I’m sure that the fact that I make my living WITH K9s not
    OFF THEM doesn’t play into this at all. Also that I’ve just returned from a
    3yr gig as a CWD handler working a PEDD in Afghanistan won’t factor in
    either. The DOD & every U.S. govt entity must be foolish to not utilize the
    pitbulls you offer. Doc Hillard a fool for not considering the breed to
    work into his programs. The RAVC overlooking your offerings is heinous! As
    I said YOU WIN! GL & chive on.

  9. you work your kids to go school everyday right ?? he works his dogs every
    day to protect his family whats so bad ?? hater k9elvis09

  10. Pitbulls are aggressive. i hate wen people say its how the owner trains
    them. Animals in the wild are aggressive for example a grizzly bear has no
    owner and they are aggressive.

  11. Dare say your diction makes me think we should have someone else write the
    contract. So doing big things, makin that cheddar. How’s your company
    structured? DBA? Incorporated? If your taxes consist of married filing
    jointly, I have a hard time believing your claims of wealth and success in
    a market where your product seems to be a mean dog that won’t let anyone
    near you. Who wrote your model? Mike Vick?

  12. we signed him last year enjoy buddy 🙂 lol my claims lol i love you and my
    home is behide the field by my own addmissions lol come on bro you are
    attacking nothing lol go watch some more film lol my dogs are beyond well
    taken care of and controlled there is many types of protection dogs love
    how you know me so well i dont really go hard on the negative stuff in life
    we just keep moving forward enjoy your life sorry you feel that way you are
    entitled to feel how ever you like

  13. till you show me your work will not get a reply from me again both you fags
    just talk that shit dont got nothing to show just correct my spelling LOL i
    love people like you!! bet ur sport dogs are AWESOME!! keep watching!! lol

  14. for the record no comments are ever read by anybody at ddk9 if you would
    like to get in touch with us visit us at w w w . d a r k d y n a s t y k 9
    s . c o m remember staying positive opens doors in your life! you either
    watching the people on the tv your whole life or you go out and do some
    shit but talking bout it wont get it done. what type person are you?? you a
    talk about it or you be about….your choice 

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