Guard dog training / Attack dog training Secrets!!

This Dog training video is about guard dogs, attack dogs, personal protection dogs, killer dogs, or whatever type of training a dog trainer may call it. In r…

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  1. Hi, could you put up a video on how to do the training as i have a 7 month
    old german shepherd and i want to start his training early as the quotes i
    get are expensive.. could anybody give me a link if they find k9 training
    step by step please… Thanks..

  2. For anyone who wants to know it cost about 6500 to train your dog there and
    it takes about 2 years to fully train your dog or you can buy a already
    trianed dog from there and that would cost you about 35000 but it is well
    worth it they are very very good trainers!

  3. I live in Hawaii. I am very serious about giving my pit bull this training.
    I will pay…how can I go about this or who can I contact? Thanks+

  4. I dont understand the part where the dogs use their body to attack? how
    does it work? can the “attacker” feel hurt?

  5. When is a good time to start this kind of training? I have a 5month female
    pitbull. I believe she is too young I am teaching basic commands first but
    would like to know when I can start

  6. Why do all dogs go after the arm? Not saying it is not effective but if i
    wanted to shoot you and not kill you i would shoot you in the arm or leg.
    Why not have the dog go for the throat or face? This is why i wish we could
    domesticate leopards and other big cats. Not only would they protect us but
    the attackers would be killed in seconds.

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