5 Strangest Dog Training Myths

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25 comments on “5 Strangest Dog Training Myths

  1. I do believe in being the pack leader and Cesar Millan and that stuff but
    not in a mean way. I don’t like abusing animals 

  2. Our husky is quiet most of the time. I read that huskies are loud & howl a
    lot, Buddy doesn’t do that. He also doesn’t pull like a freight train
    either. ^^

  3. Hey +Zak George. You have a little bit of a myth in your video. You say
    “Pit Bulls are banned in the UK” this is not entirely correct. They are 1
    of 4 breeds of dogs listed in the “Dangerous Dog Act 1991” which stipulates
    these breeds must be “muzzled and kept on a lead in public, they must be
    registered and insured, neutered, tattooed and receive microchip implants. ”

    I completely disagree with this breedist policy, as a German Shepherd owner
    I fear that one day these rules may come into effect for my dogs. I love
    your videos but I don’t think it’s fair that you made a statement that is
    just not true.

  4. A lot of good points, but through my first viewing, that adorable pitty was
    being so awesome that all I heard the trainer say was blablblahblah…. :)

  5. I have no other place to say this so:
    I’m in school for 7 hours and my mom is working for 7 hours with a half
    hour break (which would be 3 and a half hours since it’d been left alone)
    to look after the dog in, would we be fine with a puppy if it had an
    exercise pad and I had walked it in the morning (once it’s had it’s
    injections), should we adopt a grown dog, or should we wait until I’m in
    college next year when I’ll have loads more free time to look after the
    puppy? We have no preference over dog or puppy but we’re able to wait to
    get a puppy but also able to put in the effort to raise a puppy or dog even
    without the free time. 

  6. Great video! I walk dogs at a local rescue and most of the pit bulls I’ve
    walked are very nice and love to give affection. And I completely agree
    that it is the owner of the dog that causes the problems, not the dog. It’s
    such a shame there are so many terrible people out there, but I do think
    the whole pit bull situation is getting better.

  7. Hey Zak, I am going to have a little puppy in some time but I would love to
    see your tips and tricks for the first night at home, like dealing with
    crying etc…

  8. How can you address whining? I have a small 20 pound beagle who
    whimpers/whines. We’ve been working on “quiet” when she barks, which she
    is doing fairly well with, but when we give her the command when she
    whines/whimpers, it is not translating for her. One example is when we are
    in the car. She gets very excited to get in the car, but after we get on
    the road, she’ll start whining. Other times, she whines for attention.
    I’ll walk her when I get home from work, but when we are checking our
    computers checking email and such, she’ll start whining. However do you
    address whining for attention without inadvertently rewarding the whining
    when you give them attention to address the behavior?

  9. Zack does not state the statistics of APBTs biting and killing people. They
    are far and away the most fight involved breed of all; veterinarians
    records show it and they were also called ‘pit bulls’ for a reason : they
    were developed to fight other dogs. I have 2 and love them, but they are
    not a Bichon or a Beagle and to ignore breed characteristics and purpose is
    foolishness. Zack is a pro dog handler and virtually no one else is.
    Regular folks seldom do what is needed to manage an APBT if it is rowdy,
    let alone rehab it if it is aggressive. 

  10. I really need some help. I have a pomerainian who is 6 or 7 years old(I
    dont remember) and is a lazy girl. I also have a chihuahua lab mix who is
    two months old and ive only had her for 4 days. She is very energetic. The
    problem is that when she plays with the pomerainian, she bites her to try
    to get her attention, but she gets mad when his happens. If this continues,
    hings could get much worse to where they will actually fight. Got any tips?

  11. Actually, in the UK it’s not specifically Pitbulls but all Pitbull TYPE
    breeds (whatever that even means) are banned, it’s so ridiculous.

  12. Hi Zak I’m really wanting a puppy but I already have a 5 year old ex racing
    greyhound got any tips on convincing my dad to let me get one??

  13. That is not a purebred “pitbull”…we raised the actual purebred pitbulls
    back in the early 1980’s and they are very aggressive to other animals and
    some to people. Now a days, they are very mixed and very few are purebred
    which actually has a positive impact on the name but it doesn’t actually
    mean they are purebred. Pit Bull was name to those terrier breeds they were
    bred to fight in pits. If they don’t do that anymore, maybe they need to
    change their name. I think people just label them if they have a muscled
    terrier mixed dog.

  14. The Doberman myth – I have actually had people tell me that my Dobermans
    brain will grow too big for her head and she’ll go crazy and kill me. 

  15. My daughter who is 10 just made a video on her youtube JadePlace and her
    video is called The Truth About Pitbulls! Please watch!!!!

  16. I recently adopted a pitbull mix as well and just learned that the
    community I live in does not allow pitbulls because they are considered
    “vicious.” I’m just keeping her out of sight now, but this is just so

  17. Hi Zak. I am a biology masters student at university and I started training
    dogs a year ago. However, I don’t focus on a ‘good beginning’ but on
    rehabilitation (mainly teaching the owners to deal with problems, which in
    90% solves the problems). The reason for this is because I’m still young
    and I’m trying to figure out how to get a bigger audience. Right now, most
    people that contact me are ones that have owned their dog for awhile. Now I
    do use dominance techniques, in case of agression and during walks. Of
    course, I would not use high dominance levels during puppy training or with
    dogs that just walk nicely, but do use them with dogs that have been
    dominant over their owners in the past years. You actually did not explain
    why you ‘dominance’ is not good to use. I am not disagreeing with you here,
    just to be clear 😉 I just want to know the story behind it! Tell me what
    you think 🙂 Thanks, I really like your videos 🙂 My kind of training is a
    mix between yours and Cesars, I think that is the best explanation. Calm,
    assertive, but fun.

  18. Hey Zak. This isn’t a myth or something against standard. But, my dog is 10
    and she CONSTANTLY bites herself open and scratches without end. She’s got
    wounds all over, and we’ve had this problem forever! It’s scary because she
    bleeds and she has to get the wounds cleaned. We have a cone, but she runs
    into us (she’s blind) and other things and makes horrible noises (nails on
    a blackboard) with her cone on the wall

  19. Don’t try to be the alpha dog to your dog. Yet Zachy behaves like a true
    alpha dog. I see whats going on here.

  20. I think of the biggest misconception I’ve heard about dogs along “common”
    people is that when a dog reaches maturity is impossible to teach him
    anything and that there is no way to change a bad behaviour.

  21. I got a American Bully he is perfect I got a 3 year old brother and he goes
    and plays with him we also put a French poodle with the American Bully and
    nothing happens the poodle jumps on him and nothing happens

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