Dog Training & Care : Older Dog Potty Training

When potty training an older dog, the dog needs to be confined to a space that is not much bigger than him, and then he needs to be taken from that space to …

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  1. you can also buy a spray found at the pet store, that entices them to go in
    a certain area.

  2. It’s called coat blowing. It’s normal for norther dog breeds such as
    huskies. They are MONSTROUS shedders.

  3. I need help my yorkie is 2 years old and knows how to use the training pads
    but I want to show her to use the bathroom outside what can I do ?

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  5. You might want to start moving the pads outside once she’s used them, that
    will take her scent outside, or take some pads outside in the same place
    each time and have her use them there, later take the pads away gradually
    and she will understand that outside is the same as a pad. =]

  6. my 3 year old pekingese never learned to use the bathroom outside and she
    hate the grass wont even walk in it and she wont even hold it for 2 hours
    after already going 🙁

  7. Everything you need to know about potty training StartPotty. com is easy
    to follow This method is recommended by consequence Use consequences for
    you child charting progress Gradually transitioning from parent; therefore
    ideal for the method in 3 Day Method He will train your task as walking,
    talking, eating etc), your task as stickers or nonexistent.

  8. Problem….my maltese is 3 yrs old and she has already made like 30 pee
    marks all over my carpet. She sometimes go potty in right place but once in
    awhile shell pee on carpet when I’m not looking. I can’t always keep watch
    bc I have things to do…what should I do?

  9. Crate training, so when she’s not out for playtime, walks or potty time,
    she’s in a crate. Just make sure that you make the crate a comfortable &
    secure place for her and never use it as a punishment. Remember dogs are
    den animals, so naturally their den or in a pets case a crate is a place
    they go for security.

  10. I might be getting a dog, but she’s older and not potty trained. Hopefully,
    this helps. Thanks!

  11. My dog is not a crate dog, he runs around the house freely and sleeps
    anywhere he’s like. But he won’t stop pissing. We clean the carpets to get
    rid of the “scent” to try to help ( it doesn’t) we’ve had him for 2 years
    but were really getting sick of the potty issue. He’s 6 y/o and we need him
    to stop before we give him to someone else

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