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http://makedogsyourlife.com Training a pit bull is really no different than training any other dog but having a pit bull comes with a greater responsibility …

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  1. I guess the media treats pitbulls the same as they do guns in the US, over
    sensationalize and misrepresent to make people feel negatively towards them

  2. So I’m searching youtube to learn about training my pit bull and I click on
    a video that says pit bull training. For 4:42 this guys keeps telling me
    how great it is to train a pit bull without actually saying how, or
    referring me anywhere to learn how. I already know that training is
    important. That’s why I clicked on the video geeez.

  3. you know when you are trying to find out how to train a pitbull and how to
    train it then find a video that says “pitbull training” abd then find out
    its a guy who tells you about how great training a pitbull is and
    stuff…it doesnt really help.

  4. im trying to train my 2 month old pit to grow up Friendly . She is doing
    great so far. WE take her around a lot of people so she can get used to
    being around them when we take her to the park or flea market and esp.
    around family

  5. I’ve had two and they are great dogs. I have a 13-year old that is a huge
    baby and unfortunately my other, his brother, died 3-years ago from
    cancer. He was an even bigger baby! My neighbor had a vicious chihuahua
    that used to terrorize my dogs and they would just lay down and cower from
    the “attack,” never the slightest instinct to attack. The training and
    conditioning can make all the diference.

  6. I’m getting one because my passed away from drugs and my dad is in jail and
    i live with my grandma and I want a pit bull

  7. I found a pitbull, and he is very agressive!! But after 1,2 months he
    became very nice and he loves me :)

  8. i have a pitbull/lab mix tootz she is a 1yr and 4 mo old and now i have a
    rescue puppy that is 6 weeks old she is a rotti/pit mix ( our best guess) i
    love them to pieces, but we are getting a lot of issues with Lola (6wk old)
    that has a lot of biting tendencies, and Toots is right there bitting her
    all the time, i guess from what my fiance says they are just playing but
    when i see tootz has lolas head in her mouth im scares. so i freak out,
    they have toys and they have treats they go on walk im sure i could take
    them more but work is a bit consuming..please help me..

  9. if you look closely at his dog, you can see that its vicious… obviously!!
    (i’m jk btw lol)

    I have a pit bull mix! and its so hard to get a new apartment because when
    ever we mention the word “pit bull” the landlords will turn us away. Its so
    sad that the media painted this bad picture of pit bulls!

  10. I have just got a pit bull an he’s still a puppy an small an I want him to
    be a healthy trained dog an I don’t no how to train him an I was wondering
    if you had any certain ways of training them

  11. I have a pitbull mix. She is two and has been behaving badly. She beats up
    my other dog who is a shepherd mix, cries outside of my door in the morning
    to wake me up, goes crazy and wont listen at all when people come to the
    house or just generally walk past, is sometimes overly aggressive, meaning
    she’s almost bitten people, and the worst thing happened 2 days ago, my dad
    was doing business outside the house and my dogs were going nuts so I went
    and was pulling her away from the door by the collar and she actually
    snapped at me twice very angrily. After she did that I yelled at her no
    no… I don’t know what to do. My parents wont pay for training, but Im not
    sure how to train them really…. my mom is ordering a dog whistle…. I
    really want to turn thingsa round and actually train them and be structured
    with them, they are getting way out of hand. And My pitbull, I was so close
    with her, but I’m starting to really dislike her when I see how aggressive
    she gets with my other dog who I also love and even with me the other day.
    I don’t want her sleeping in ym room with me anymore after that and I
    haven’t been letting her in…. shes all sad about it…

  12. Nien! this is all wrong im trying to find a video to train my pit to rip
    people in half…… where is that video?

  13. I’ve witnessed so many attacks with these breeds (both Pitbulls and
    Staffies) and it makes me so sad because I know just by looking at the
    owner and the way he’s handling the situation it’s all his fault to begin
    with. I have a fear of them now but it’s not something I want to have, it’s
    just hard to get the image of a smaller dog being savaged out of my head 🙁
    I commend you for this and if I wasn’t scared the authorities would take my
    Pitbull from me here in the UK after I’d fallen in love I’d own one from a
    puppy just to raise it right and overcome my fear. Love the vids keep em
    coming 🙂 :)

  14. I just recently got a female pitbull puppy and I don’t know how to train
    her. She has an adorable, stubborn attitude and I need help potty training
    her and much more. Do you have an specific advice?

  15. Heeyy i also got a pitbull mix!! She is very cute and she is going crazyy
    with kids, dogs, and cats (in a good way)!!! She have a lot of energy but
    she likes to bite, what should i do?? :)

  16. My partner and I recently adopted a pit bull, she appeared on our porch and
    stayed there, she’s the sweetest thing.
    How do you train them to walk on a leash?

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