Teaching a dog to ring a bell to go potty Part 1

Part 1 of teaching a dog to ring a bell to tell us he has to go potty. This focuses on teaching the dog ring the bell with his nose. http://www.dogtrainersea…

22 comments on “Teaching a dog to ring a bell to go potty Part 1

  1. if you give him a treat for touching the bells than i thought he would
    associate touching the bells for a treat instead of associating the bells
    for going outside

  2. This would probably be easier if your dog allready knew the “touch”
    command. She is accidentally reinforcing mugging her hand for treats

  3. my dog Martin uses another type of dog bell really cute and I think is
    easier to use, I accutally posted a video of him in action! love the bells!

  4. I taught my dog the command “hit it” to ring the bell. When he learned it
    reliably I told him “hit it” and then opened the door and runned outside
    for a minute. Come back in and repeat a few times then ask him to ring the
    bell everytime you take him out until he starts pissing you off by
    insistently and constantly ringing the bell when you are eating lunch. My
    dog has taught himself to ring the bell twice, first with his nose, then
    with his tail. For max annoyance.

  5. If you need to rely on doggy treats to get your dog to do something you’re
    gonna have a Bad Time. First, they’ll get fat. Second, they’re only
    motivated because of the food and you’re an asshole for doing that. Get a
    less stupid dog, like a border collie. =P

  6. this is great! To everyone who is throwing in their method of training….
    it is what ever works and patience. if your method works for you great, go
    make a video also. I so much enjoyed seeing a video on pet training where
    the pet has not already been trained to do it. Very nicely done and thank
    you for doing it.

  7. If you buy the myth that dogs bred for tricks and work like the Border
    Collie or GSD are smarter than other breeds, you are gonna have a bad time.
    First, results show that mutts are five to ten times smarter than the
    average purebred Border Collie, Poodle and GSD. Even the ones bred under
    titles. Second, any breed can be smart, a pure, mutt and even a hybrid. It
    just takes a smart patient person to figure the dog out. I know since I’ve
    worked with hundreds of mutts, purebreds and hybrids. =P

  8. I think you’re talking out of your ass when you say “results show”, but
    you’re welcome to your fantasy world.

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