How to Potty Train your Puppy Siberian Husky

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24 comments on “How to Potty Train your Puppy Siberian Husky

  1. Also Dr time says to feed him i cup. so i separate that into three meals in
    a day. even when he is older do i have to keep doing the 3 or 2 times a
    day. or will it be okay to eventually just leave the food out for him.

  2. I’m getting a german shepherd puppy in a week what would i do to get ready
    for him? this is my 3rd dog but that is in another house and this german
    shepherd is going into the a new house

  3. My husky pup refuses to let me know she has to go out at night, and needs
    to go every half hour she is awake in her crate. I even tried a tiny
    plastic crate she could barely move in — when she wet in it, she licked it
    up! I bought 47″x47″ whelping pads off Amazon and put that in the bottom
    of the huge 28″x48″ crate I have — it keeps the urine away from her body.
    She’ll wet on one side or in the middle and lay on the other side — she’s
    not needing to lick it up or lay in it. She sleeps all night without a
    sound. This system works for us, although I’d prefer she never wet in the
    crate ever…..but she’s getting better with age. We tried disposable
    training pads (“wee pads”), but she started shredding them after a couple
    weeks. The whelping mat is washable and thick enough to remain flat in the
    crate, so it’s a better option; although not waterproof on the bottom so
    couldn’t be used directly on floors.

  4. Let me update my previous comment. I’ve had my Siberian Husky pup for just
    under 2 weeks. She can’t hold her urine longer than 20 minutes when
    playing. I’ve never seen anything like it. She walks to the door when she
    has to go. She peed outside, played inside, then peed 20 minutes later
    outside, played inside, then peed on the large dog bed in the living room
    15 minutes later because she couldn’t make it to the door (she was actively
    playing with my other dog when she had the accident). She’s only 8 weeks
    and 4 days old so I’m attributing this to a small bladder, but it really is
    unreal. We see the vet in 5 days for a pediatric spay and shots and I’m
    going to have her checked for a UTI or any other problem that would be
    contributing to this. Has anyone else had this issue with an 8 week old

  5. I am about to get a puppy, but my house is near forest. So my family
    usually gets raccoons and rabbits in my yard. I won’t really feel
    comfortable letting my future puppy out at night.

  6. Hey y’all
    I have a tiny problem
    My husky is starting to get over protective of her food
    She growls and blocks everyone from getting near her dog bowl

    Any suggestion?
    If you can help email me @

  7. You contradicting your self saying you should not punish your puppy of
    making potty in the house because the dont remeber themselfs but giving him
    a award for making something good they remember ? Of course they remember
    better but they remember themselfs making something wrong as well.

  8. Hi! I’m hoping you still respond to comments on this video. I have an 8
    week old Siberian we just brought home from the breeder. She was only ever
    outside when she was little and now I am trying to potty train her. My
    concern is that even when I crate her and take her outside, we spend around
    an hour outside with no peeing or pooping. However, the second I bring her
    back in the apartment, she immediately pees on the carpet! Do you have any
    suggestions on how to get her to go outside?

  9. My dog uses the bell method, except I never taught him to do it. He learned
    it naturally. And instead of using a bell, he paws at the covers on the

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