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  1. Guess what. Mutts are the best dogs! Who need purebred they have more
    genetic disorders because of inbreeding! Bet you didn’t know that! I have a
    Pitbull mix and I love him very much and I have been offered to trade him.
    I never would in a million years! This Pitbull is clearly happy. Who care
    about if it a “Mutt” or not. I would personally choose mutts over purebreds

  2. How do you get the pit bulls interested in the spring poles? My 10 month
    old red nose pit bull acts like he isn’t interested. Can you help

  3. hey i have a question how do u get your dog to have big head n big cheek?
    any advise from anybody would be helpful 

  4. @Drunkenpot. you get an american bully with thicker bone strukture.
    You cant train a dog to get big heads.

  5. i have a pitbull mix with a rattweiler can he have i big head ? his only
    1 1/2 moths old

  6. i dont think just doing that will make it ripped first it needs good food
    with high protein and run it everyday or every 2nd day and run it at a park
    with a tire or 2 connected to its chain depending on its size that is and
    after a few months of that your dog will be ripped 

  7. Have you heard about Ready Set Ripped? (Go google it) It is a quick and
    easy way for you to get ripped fast.

  8. That pit look week. MY BLUE Bully at 4 months look way better then that.
    But good exercise

  9. It would be a shame if you did not get ripped when average people bulk up
    so easily with Muscle Maker Method (search for it on google).

  10. hey how does she look now, make her run in burst of sprints back to back
    and she’ll tone up real quick

  11. Good looking dog but its not a real pit loom at the face and tail…… But
    good video my hazel she is 1 year 3 months see her video at hazel sola

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