Sit Means Sit Dog Training “Live” demo at Pet Expo – It is always fun when I get to take random dogs from the crowd and work with them and the people. This video…

7 comments on “Sit Means Sit Dog Training “Live” demo at Pet Expo

  1. It always amazes me how well they respond to the collar. I’m still getting
    over my fear of not hitting the button just right. When Athena and I are in
    sync it shows! You do great work!!

  2. I’m working with SMS Annapolis. We’ve had good luck with the first four
    lessons, and are starting group classes this week. Our boy, Blue, 120 lbs
    mastiff x Amstaff. Still lunges and pulls me down. He is very sorry, and
    immediately comes back to see if I’ m o.k. but one day I won’t be. Any

  3. My pals has created the step-by-step tutorials to guide your puppy grew to
    become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I think every pet owners
    will wish to learn.

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