6 comments on “House Train Older Dog

  1. So just positive reinforcement every time they potty outside? and that
    makes them stop going inside? and they will let u know eventually when they
    need to go outside?

  2. Some dogs take a lot more time. I hate to scold, but the beagle you see was
    difficult. He wouldn’t give me a “cue”, so I set up a bell on a rope, loud
    enough I can hear it through the house. He’s learned to nudge the bell to
    go out. He never would come to me and plead to go out like my other dogs.
    Had to figure out another system for Patches.

  3. I chuckled when I saw that the dog in your video is a beagle. I am
    searching for how to house train my rescue beagle! The problem is, she
    won’t pee in front of me so I can’t tell her “good girl.” If I carry treats
    in my pocket she’ll never pee because she smells the treats and won’t leave
    my side. Sigh…

  4. my dog is a year and a half. the good thing is that she doesnt pee at home
    at all. she hold on till i take her out. my problem is how to train her to
    use the house toilet. this will help her release whenever shes full. how do
    i do this

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