Pit Puppy Lessons

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25 comments on “Pit Puppy Lessons

  1. I think it’s especially important for people to learn how to treat their
    pits & bigger dogs. I see people with pits mostly where I’m from, & they
    get pretty big quick. & these people think the only way to control them is
    to punch or kick them, which is really hurtful to watch. I saw this 1 girl
    who’s house I went over to with a friend that knew her, treating her pit
    like that cause he kept getting in her way around the house, or just being
    curious as to who I was. She was cussing him out, punching him on the
    head, & kicking him pretty hard on his sides. Even though he was pretty
    darn diesel, I knew it still had to hurt. He wasn’t aggressive at all, just
    curious. So when she hit him, he would just step back with that sweet
    innocent look on his face.. I wanted to cuss her stupid ass out ! 

  2. I want a Rott and a pit. It would be entertaining to see peoples reactions
    to a Rott and a Pit walking next to me.

  3. I’m so glad I decided to train my lab to drop it early on so I don’t have
    to play that annoying “catch me and the toy!” game. With one word he drops
    it and is ready to go. In my opinion, he should give up the toy willingly
    if mom wants it. 

  4. There are way too many haters that are hating on this man he is very good
    with dogs so many jealous people out there

  5. Thank you for teaching people there are no dogs to scare people.
    The fear is in the human not in any dog!

  6. My Dog was very gentle , he did have moments . but he was a good dog, he
    was the pack leader ,lol. but he was good to all of us. he would listen to
    commands, and give things when i ask him to let go. i could take his food .
    he knew to wait for his food. 

  7. Now That’s a Real Pitbull terrier. Not these big head/wide chest things
    they bread for the rap videos

  8. The scariest dogs are not the biggest dog or the one with the reputation,
    its always the one with the bad owners. I have yet to meet a scary pittbull
    or rottweiler , I have met plenty of aggressive labs and beagles. 

  9. I have had big dogs and now I have small dogs. I treat them the same way.
    I’m in charge and that’s that. I may not have control over the other things
    in life but I have control of my dogs.

  10. Regrettably the owner proved to be to” intellectually challenged ” And had
    to be humanely euthanized. 

  11. Fuckin trash people attracted to pitbulls. These dogs can be as awesome
    loving and caring as any other dogs. But mostly, crappy people are
    attracted to them. I’m not being racist, I’m half Mexican… but it
    doesn’t matter the race… bad people make bad dogs. Stop BSL, and instead
    require that powerful breeds can only be owned by good owners. This pisses
    me off because I have an American Staffordshire Terrier and it is the
    friendliest most loving dog but people tend to avoid him simply because of
    his breed. 

  12. That guy should never, ever, ever have a dog. I’m getting utterly and
    uncomfortably suprised of how ignorant and stupid you can get. Does he
    behave the same way with his kids? Usually, I’m not the one to comment and
    troll on the internet, but seriously, this was just to much. It hurts to
    watch him even being near to the dog. I hope Cesar Millan made him
    understand, though I doubt that’s even possible. Those who naturally slap
    have a certain lack of empathy in my head. It’s disgusting. 

  13. All you people are so ignorant of this particular breed. Making false
    opinions based on unproven facts. Know before you comment. Don’t let the
    media control your brain. Think for yourselves first and have one on one
    experience before saying ignorant shit.

  14. Stunningly beautiful dog, I hope he got trained and taken care of the right
    way. I hated seeing that stupid idiot slap him, BUT OF COURSE the dog is
    gonna snap and be aggressive if you treat it like shit. Every creature
    deserves to be treated with a great amount of respect and kindness. How
    else do you expect to be given the same in return? Do it right!

  15. How did he take the toy from the dog??? How do you do when you whant to
    take the toy from the dog and learn the dog to leave the toy when you whant
    the dog to do that ???

  16. Even though I have never had dogs, Cesar Milan really made me think about
    how I should see other animals and their behavior. I had too much of a
    tendency to humanize them and pretend they are like humans when they are
    quite different and I need to be more respectful to their character and

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