Dog Training: House training a puppy or rescue dog

Check out this article for a full length article on how to house train your dog- it contains more tips than are in this video-…

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  1. @mitchscovers1 Um, the scratching will stop when the fleas are gone and the
    bites stop itching… If the fleas are long gone… maybe it’s food allergy
    or other allergies?

  2. lol ‘when my human is gone’ so thats how they refer to us…. disrespectful
    ! no treats for a week!

  3. an adult dog can hold it 8 hours easily, and longer if needed, but try to
    avoid making them wait longer than that.

  4. Thank you so much! I followed everything you said and my puppy was fully
    house-trained in just 5 days! This works very well!

  5. Hi Emily,
    Many people have trouble with a young adult male dog who has started
    marking in the house. A friend of mine has the problem now and asked me how
    to fix it! I suggested that he check out your channel. Do you have a video
    up about this?
    Thanks from a very faithful follower – have purchased 3 of your videos and
    given 2 away so must replace them soon in my library! Keep up the AWESOME
    work. It is so great to be able to direct new dog owners to your channel.
    You are improving the lives of so many dogs!!!

  6. This was such a great video, thanks! I feel like my puppy always pees when
    I get up for a second, having her on a leash nearby would solve that
    problem because she wouldn’t leave my sight. And we hang out on the 2nd
    floor so your comment about the corner was spot on. THANK YOU for such a
    thorough video.

  7. House training dogs is easier when you get to start them as puppies, as
    they are younger it is easier for them to learn.

  8. i need help. i have two very small year old puppies. i got the first one
    and did great potty training! i used the grass pad and then went to a
    similar thing without grass. i even got to the point where i could leave
    her all day long in the house and she would potty on her pad and never on
    the rug. she never chewed or had bad behaviors. then i got my other puppy
    to keep her company while i was at work. this puppy came from a family who
    didn’t house train her. i worked with the new puppy just as much. she also
    did good with the training. then all of a sudden i started finding messes
    and it was as if they planned this. they just decided not to listen and
    this new puppy ruined the trust i had with my fist puppy. they now have a
    giant create with a potty area and they use it when they are in it. as soon
    as i build up trust with them, slowly giving them more room during the day,
    one of them will make a mess, even though the potty are is right there!
    what happen ??

  9. I’ve only had my puppy for a few days and he has only had a few accidents
    in the house. I take him out frequently, praise him when he goes potty
    outside and then take him for either a walk around the yard afterwards or a
    walk down the street depending on the heat. During the times he went in the
    house, I quickly got his leash and took him outside. He gets fed at regular
    times during the day as well so that his bladder and bowel movements are
    roughly around the same times during the day. After 4 days of having him,
    he now gets excited when I ask him if he wants to go outside and almost
    every trip out results in him going potty and getting loads of praise and

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    become alpha dog. It took him 7 years to learn, I believe every dog owners
    will wish to study.

  11. This one, and all your video’s have been very helpful, thanks for sharing
    your knowledge.

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