How to potty train a puppy – Housebreaking your dog How to potty train a puppy – Housebreaking your dog House training a puppy means house training you, too. I…

25 comments on “How to potty train a puppy – Housebreaking your dog

  1. no its not that simple lol how do i kno when they want to pee or poo ima
    get a german shepherd i can just get the ultimate dog training guide or the
    poety train crate aparment

  2. This also calls for patient consideration as well. I had a dog with a
    bladder problem. He tried to get your attention to get you to carry him
    out. However, if he couldn’t get outside, an ‘acciden’ happened more so
    than with other dogs that would be able to hold it. It would have been
    unduly harsh to punish such a dog. But it obviously calls for patience to
    first recognize that the dog really can not control it.

  3. I don’t get it….I leave my puppy out for a while, and everytime he comes
    inside, he poops. I’m so sick of this.

  4. @navcrowds you could put a pee or poo pad wherever u want and train it to
    go there too or wake up in the middle of the night and take it out

  5. thats a goldn retreiver though… they are smart but i have a dum french
    bulldog that craps everywhere and pees when it wants attenion

  6. 24 hours ? Are you kidding me ? No way that you can say the dog is
    HOUSETRAINED in 24 hours even though you follow these guidelines.
    Guidelines are correct, but 24 hours ? Common

  7. Good for you in preparing for your new puppy. If you kennel (crate train)
    your puppy, this will “train” him/her to hold it longer. If you plan on
    crate training your puppy the Potty Pads will be counter productive. Dogs
    usually do not like to mess where they sleep so that is why the kennel
    works so well.

  8. i am trying to train my 4month old maltipoo to potty outside! any hints or
    tips? he has been trained indoors, but he just started to lift his leg up
    and its getting every where. i tried to get him to do his business outside
    i even stood with him for 2 hours straight nothing! and he went on the pad
    as soon as we walk in. help?

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