Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (

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  1. My pals has written down the step-by-step tutorials to guide your dog
    became alpha dog. It took him 7 years to find out, I believe every pet
    owners will need to study.

  2. Holly shit! So many dumb comments. I think the two dogs on the video are
    far more intelligent than 99% of the people? Making the comments.

  3. vous dite que lait chien son dangeure en mem ten vous les fraperpa il lorer
    pas de blerser 

  4. Can anyone suggest any good trainers and or breeders within a couple hours
    of pittsburgh? I’m not really set on one specific breed.

  5. Tengo 2 Dogos hembras y son un amor,,las eduque como corresponde y no se me
    pasa por la cabeza estos tipos de imbéciles,haciendo estas cosas.

  6. No se para que les hace asi a este dogo. si su naturaleza es ser cariño
    leal y PROTECTOR con su amo. No veo la necesidad de hacerles enojar y
    pegarle con una vara. Ellos ya son protectores por naturaleza 

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