Dog Training 101: House Breaking…

Westchester county dog trainer Sarah Hodgson, author of Puppies For Dummies and Dog Perfect teaching you quick and easy steps to house train your pup or dog …

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  1. Dog is one the most intelligent creatures on earth. There intelligence is
    equivalent to a 3 year old human being. Training them can be easy.

  2. Great advice, but what if my dog goes potty inside when shes mad at me? She
    gets mad when i dont let her sleep on my bed, or in my room, (because i
    have a newborn baby in there with me,) so she poops on the floor and pees
    in my dining room. Any tips? Shes a beagle/ terrier mix

  3. Sarah, you are so hot! I got a dog just so I can use your training
    techniques [only joking about the dog thing but not the hotness;)

  4. i have to stand in the cold for 30 min from 12:30am to 1am, but he never
    pee, how much time do i give them before i bring them back in the house?

  5. I will walk by dog, she will pee. Then she will still come inside to pee.
    I’m TRYING not to rub her nose in her pee and kicking her out. BUT it has
    worked before with my past dogs. I did it tonight. My carpet is ruined. My
    house STINKS because of the pee soaking into the padding under the carpet!!
    In order to get the smell out I have to change the padding & carpet!!! I’m
    DONE!! My dog is very smart. She’s a german Shorthaired pointer.

  6. (dannersmell) i had the same problem w/ my dog. i would take her out, she
    would use the bathroom. once i brought her inside she would pee everywhere.
    like at least 3 times. Sometimes the rubbing their nose in it and popping
    does not work. i did the same for her she eventually started to squat and
    pee anytime i tried to put her leash on or when i tried to pet her so i
    started crate training. and that has worked out for me. but i do not allow
    any unsupervised play. if im busy she is in the crate.

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