Dog Training Tutorial- HOUSETRAINING

House-training is often the first thing most dogs need to learn as they become part of a new family. Since this is something I have been getting numerous req…

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  1. Hi Tab, thanks for the great video! I am following all your guidelines with
    our 1.5 year old papillon now. We previously taught her to use the bathroom
    in our apt. (using pee pads), but we have now moved to a first floor apt.
    with a yard, and so we’re teaching her to go outside. So far, it’s been
    wonderful, no accidents at all, and she does her business then waits for
    the subsequent reward treat. :D

  2. My brother really wants a dog, but he says a puppy would be nicer. Now
    going through ALL these puppy vids, I’m gonna tell him just to get a rescue

  3. Hi ive just found your channel, was looking to know should i use a clicker
    rather than verbal praise once my puppy does good? 11week old English
    springer spaniel. Thanks

  4. Any further tips for a stubborn husky? She’s over a year old and still has
    accidents some times. I always give her praise her when she goes outside,
    but something’s just not completely clicking. She won’t do it in sight of
    anyone, but if she can escape by herself, even after just being out, she
    will pee.
    Another thing, she LOVES going outside and goes outside very often, but she
    gets too excited about being outside and just wants to romp around and not
    go, causing most of the accidents. Is there anyway that I can calm her down
    to get her to go? She can be outside for a super long time and not go
    because she’s just having too much fun! In this cold snap I can’t leave her
    out for too long and I can’t go out with her for very long because it’s too
    cold for me. I’m happy that she’s enjoying herself, but she needs to
    remember to relieve herself too haha Any tips?

  5. I just got a GSD puppy,she’s 9weeks old and I’ve had her for 5 days now. I
    must say shes a very quick learner. So far she hasnt had a accident in the
    house and knows drop it,sit and come. All thanks to your videos. I think
    I’m gonna teach her high five next because she tends to paw at my hand to
    try and get a treat 

  6. I’m sorry for being naive, but when you say, “on the leash,” what does that
    mean? Feed the dog and then leave the leash on while they walk around?
    Could you please clarify? Thanks, and I’m enjoying your videos!

  7. I love your video, I have already had so much success with my new puppy and
    your training methods. However I have a 5 months old Hungarian Puli puppy.
    I have been trying to house train him now for 5 weeks very consistently. I
    limit his access in the house take him out regularly, have a good regular
    routine going, praise him for eliminating in his spot in the garden and
    have kept very calm at all times. But he is just not getting house
    training!! All his other clicker training is going really well and he is
    learning fast. I thought it was just that he didn’t know how to tell me he
    needed to go outside so I taught him to ring the bell at the door which he
    does when I am there at the door asking him if he needs to go out? He goes
    around 8 1/2 hours overnight in a puppy pen and has been doing this for
    about two weeks now. He only ever had one accident overnight. I am not
    sure if it is related but I am also having difficulty getting him to go out
    for a walk on the leash. He is perfect in the house at this and around the
    house in the garden and just out of the gate but the minute we turn the
    corner out of sight of the house he started pulling wildly to go back? Have
    you any suggestions on what else I can try? 

  8. Hi there. i have an 8 week old GSD puppy of which has no innoculations
    yet. i am toileting him on a training pad in the kitchen. Do i gradually
    move the pad outside after he has had his Innoculations? Thanks!

  9. nice video , If anyone else is Searching the most effective hints for
    training their dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (should be on google have a
    look)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got great results
    with it. 

  10. Ok so I’m in high school and I have wanted a dog since I was five and so I
    FINALLY got my dad to get me one (I don’t have it yet) and it’s a GSD but I
    don’t know if I should have it right now but then I thought it’s going to
    be awhile until I get out I high school and I want to go to collage so I
    couldn’t have a dog for a long time and so I would leave it out side while
    I was at school, do my homework on the bus, and then when I got home
    trained and played with my puppy for the rest of the night would that be at
    least Ok? Because I really want this dog and I don’t know when I’ll get one
    (I even have every every thing for it already)

  11. I’m truly frustrated! My dog is almost 5 mo old, and will go up to 5 hours
    in her crate without incident. So when I’m home today she pooped 4 times
    already and peed about the same since this morning, 12:30! She peed and
    pooped in the house after being let out so often I’m confused!!!! All poo
    was normal , no tummy issues. I will go back to keeping her on the leash,
    but thought by now she could enjoy a little freedom, guess not! Please give
    me some insight into what’s going on here. Thank you so much. ( lab/heeler

  12. Hello. Do I need to feed our 5 month old Swiss Shepherd before or after our
    walk? I understand she should not eat before the walk because she could
    flip her stomach and die. But I also note that the post-walk meal
    stimulates her and she makes caca in the garden, which we don’t want! What
    is the solution??? Thank you.

  13. I just wanted to say that I think your videos are brilliant and they really
    are helping! Thanks and please keep them coming. ;-)

  14. I’m getting a gsd in 3 months, and I’m absolutely dreading have to house
    train. That’s the worst part of getting a new pup. I’ll def keep this vid
    in mind tho. You’re always very informative and helpful, thank you!! 

  15. I got a white lab/GSD mix 10 month old puppy and she is great. I’m used to
    tiny dogs, and this has been so fun. I’ve been watching these videos to
    help. :3

  16. How do you get a dog, not a puppy, who is already house trained, not to
    urinate and defecate in the house when they are mad that they were left

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