How to Potty Train a Puppy We will tell you straight up: if you think that potty training a new puppy once takes throwing a stack of newspaper at him, you have i…

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  1. start at 2:44 for a good laugh. Other than a few minor errors from lack of
    editing, I thought this was an excellent and helpful video. Thanks for

  2. when someone says, ‘ here is step 8.’ I think the number 8 should be on the
    screen, and not 7.

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  6. 2:18 An immediate backhand reinforces the connection between the undesired
    behavior and the backhand. Thousands of years say it does! My dog was
    trained by 3 month! As long as its in the act they are smart enough to
    make the connection.
    3:54 Demeaning? that is beyond them.

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