Meet the Pitbull Training Team

Former dogfighters, kids at risk of becoming dogfighters, and dog trainers are coming together to change a culture – the culture of dogfighting. Here’s how t…

25 comments on “Meet the Pitbull Training Team

  1. This is an awesome cause and I think will be more effective than a lot of
    other methods. I like what he said…”changing the culture”. Thank you guys
    for doing this and keep up the great work!

  2. great progrm. glad to see more people trying to get the word out about
    pits… it isn’t the dogs’ fault for bad reps, and this is a good way to
    help others aw well…

  3. You are making a great job guis!!
    Ave a look at what my pitty can do!
    RomaThePitbull Meets gopro!

  4. Why are they using choke chains? I thought this organization promotes
    responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. Choking a
    dog with a choke chain is definitely not humane.

  5. Great video. A must see for pit bull enthusiast. Helping to promote the
    positivity of the PitBull Family.

  6. Pits are way to strong to walk them on collars , use a harness much better
    and they cant wiggle out of it. It also save s on neck injuries and
    throat injuries. You never know when they might bolt .

  7. Sorry Courtney, but you look at a leash and collar as a weapon. They are
    not. They are a training tool, and a means of communicating a handlers
    wishes to the dog. They are not “choke chains”. They are gentle, and
    comfortable communication tools. Every tool can be abused, but to assume
    that everyone who employs any type of slip collar is doing wrong is abusive
    in it’s own right.

    I have trained and loved dogs for many decades. Pit Bull dogs own my heart,
    and nothing is as sad to me as what happens far too often to these awesome
    dogs in the hood. This video shows a sincere effort to raise the bar for
    those dogs by changing their owners hearts. Bravo!!! Your whining about a
    slip collar being cruel? Boooo!!! 

  8. I watch pitbull videos all the time, shame their banned in the UK. Even
    though it was us that originally created them.

  9. Hey all! Awesome Video, Thanks! There is this super FREE manual at “Brendt
    Mastery Dog Training Guru” (maybe try googling it)? Hurry before the FREE
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